First snow fall of the season

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Hello everyone,

90 Percent way there (5).png

Waking up to a little bit of snow on the ground this morning and it is -0.1C out side. HUMMMM and no winter tires on yet! I do this every year. Always an adventure, as it may be sunny and +10 for the next 2 weeks. Anyway. I saw the snow this morning and thought I would add a pretty little snow man (person) to my graphic.

Could I write on and on and bring meaning to why I used it in my graphic this morning? Sure I could! I could make each level, the scarf, the hat, the arms all represent something in affiliate marketing or business but I am not going to this morning! Use your imagination! Or just enjoy the pretty pic.

I am now just under 25 CTP tokens needed to hit the 10K mark! WOW WOW WOW.

So tomorrow morning when I write my post (if I do not do it today) I should be talking about Whales!

#Steem: $0.145323 USD (-2.82%) 0.00001564 BTC (-1.69%)
#Bitcoin: $9,292.09 USD (-1.15%)
#CTP token: 24h Vol: 3 STEEM / $0.43 Bid: 0.01118004 STEEM Ask: 0.0227951 STEEM

@PixiePost congrats on your shout out on (

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Yay the snowman is out @bradleyarrow, and I checked the rich list, you now only have to stake your balance to be a whale, congrats, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Doing what I can to help you reach Whale status!

Congrats Bradley, you deserve whale status. I love the snowie. Looking forward to seeing that one in the surf.