My first full post on Hive

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Morning fellow CTP Talkers and Hivians?

Hivians? What are we calling our selves?

*made with canva

This is how I feel this morning, like a busy little bee, all the other bees just bussing along. As we all try and get use to the Hive ;)

So what do I think of it all? To early to say. I am excited to be on a truly decentralised block chain though. Have to wait for a few bugs to be worked out I guess, and a few things I need to learn.

Having issue with PeakD.


Image uploading seems a little slower here at the moment.

I am not being negative just reporting :)

Going to be interesting when I post this same blog over on Steem. See if it gets blocked! lol

I really cannot think of much more to say about the topic right now. So I am going to jump into my COVID-19 info and what is going on for me here in Newfoundland and the world.

Start of with me and my workplace. I am happy to say more and more people are starting to take it serious. Some are not, some still think it is a joke but all I can do is make sure they respect my social distancing. And that is what I am doing.

As of this writing there are only four cases here in Newfoundland. But as I have learned they have only been testing people that have come back from out of country and had symptoms. As of today they will be testing any that have cold or flu like symptoms. They are opening at least four drive though testing sites. What does that tell you? Tells me the government believes it is in the community.

Our Provence took the extra step yesterday to restrict movement into Newfoundland. The government of Canada says anyone coming into the county have to self isolate for 14 days. Our Provence has stepped that up. Even if you are coming to Newfoundland from any other part of Canada you have to self isolate for 14 days. We are on an island in the North Atlantic and if COVID-19 is not in the community yet. We hopefully and lock it down or slow the curve real good.

Some graphs as Canada as a whole.



World wide as of this writing:

Coronavirus Cases:



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Great to see you on Hive Bradley, and yeah lot's of bugs with posting, most of them seems related to Hivesigner/Steemconnect, so I am using Peaklock now instead, stay awesome.

All is just up and indeed we will have to see what the future will have in stock for us, and the covid is serious i would like to see that everybody would feel the same urgency but alas not happening here so the full lock down will be unfderway in days i think , even our king spoke , and that almost never happens so...... stay safe and blog on wherever, whenever and see you in general chat hahhahahahh

:) thanks :)