Onward and upwards is the name of the game now

in #ctp9 days ago

Good day everyone,


May be old news, but I think the HF24 is done!?

My Dolphin Dream: I am at 4878.356 HP leaving me with 121.644 HP to get in the next 14 days or a daily average of 8.68885714286 HP.

Here is my growth chart for the last week.


and my weekly stats:


Thanks hivestatis.io :)

And of course I have to put in a chart of the CTP Token. Just for educational purposes ;)


Have a great day all.

P.S. Can anyone post on hive.blog?



Keep on growing Bradley, you will get to Doolphin soon, just make sure there is no sidelining this close to taking the #10 position.