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Morning everyone,


This morning I wanted to touch base on reblogging or resteeming what ever you want to call it. It comes down to sharing others content.

I believe it is, myself included, a very under used item here on CTP Talk and Steem. We are preaching about upvoting and commenting on other content, and we should, that is fantastic. But what what sharing that fantastic content we find and upvote and comment on.

I think it is another great way to help our our community. Lets say for example that newbie that makes a post has like 10 followers and you like their post. You being around for a long time have 500 followers. Just imagine the power of you sharing their post. The reach. The chance for newbie to get more people reading and engaging and maybe even more followers.

I for my part am going to try and do more. I have already been sharing posts that I am mentioned in and when I read a post that I just got to share but I am going to try more. At least one a day, maybe two, maybe more.

Here on CTP Talk we have the best Tribe, the best community and many of you have a wide range outside of CTP Talk. So besides upvotes, comments, and tags let us get more involved. Let us share our wonder with the world by sharing others posts with others.


I have not given a market or BradleyArrow update in a few posts so here it goes.

CTP Token trading:


Steem: $0.204889 USD (-3.01%) 0.00002097 BTC (-4.35%)
Bitcoin: $9,772.66 USD (1.44%)

I currently have 367.492 Unstaked and 23,959.355 CTP Tokens and I am number 11 on the CTP Rich List. ( I am aiming for 30,000 now. That is a new short term goal.

I am over 6 months on Steem Block Chain.

I think that is it for this morning. Wish me luck with the day. Snow storm coming and all.

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Have a great day all.



I choose to upvote and return to do that more than once resteeming one post I liked from that blogger. I like my feed which will be a library of life, but maybe I need to rethink my strategy

All my blog posts are personal opinions. But if you and others can take away stuff from them to use in your journey then fantastic :)

That’s a great thought

Its awesome to see read this...and yes to see others doing it too.. The care and share is one of my Biggest missions over years on years..coz I believe in it..and YES its works!! Thumbs up!

Thanks :)

I agree 100%! Sometimes, I am good at this & other times, I am not. I think a lot of us are guilty of that. But yes, building up our community in this way is a great act of kindness. So, in turn, I resteemed this :D ;)

And thank you :)

Sharing is caring! And we care about each other!

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Re-steemed... I have to admit that I'm also using re-steem very rarely... gotta use it more...

Yes. And thanks for the resteem ;)

This is a great article! And I had missed the richlist! Didn't know about that so thanks for sharing!! I re-steemed!

Thanks you. :)

you can find the ctp rich list here

Resteeming is a great feature, and nice that you are using it Bradley, and good luck on your next goal of 30k CTP staked, I am sure you will reach it quite soon, stay awesome.

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