The road to success can be a little foggy

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Morning fellow CTP Talkers, Steemians and Red Fish Rally Peeps,


Just look at the background of my graphic I am using today. I have felt this way and I am sure many of you have or had felt this way. Especially when you are new to the block chain. New to anything really but I am talking about the block chain and affiliate marketing. And the fog can roll in at any time! It does not have to be just at the begging of your journey.

It happens to me all the time, as simple as lifting the lid of my laptop and going to start writing this most wonderful master piece of a blog that I have thought about for days and, OH NO, the fog rolls in. Blocking your path, your thoughts.

So what do you do? I slow down, the same as you would if you where driving in the fog. Try and find you bearings and keep going. You cannot always wait for the fog to lift, even though you know it will. Just keep rolling forward people just keep rolling forward.

Going to share about slowing down, last week I felt like I was driving a tracker trailer down the highway and a giant fog bank rolled in and totally blocked my path. I came to a complete stop. I sat there and wondered what to do next. I had to look forward and figure out what caused the issue.

For me, it was, I was about to take on to much on my online business. I had to suck back and reload. Figure out, not where I wanted to go, but how I was going to get there. I was starting to hurry, starting to go way to fast for the fog that was in front of me. I let off the accelerator and slowed down.

What does all this mean you might be wondering, pretty generic writing. I am doing this so people hopefully can relate to it and apply it to their own issues.

Let me just say, I feel much better about the direction and speed I am going even if it will take longer to get to some of my end points.

End of motivational speech.

So let me talk about CTP Talk. Let me start as I usually do with the 24 hour trading graphic.


Some really good movement in trading.

I am not where I want to be here. I want more tokens, I want more staked tokens. I went though, last week, a selling spurt of my tokens I was earning. I felt I had to. I wanted SP. So I went ahead and sold. Do I regret it? A little but not really. The hard part was trying to reach 2 different goals at the same time. I rolled right into the fog but I slowed down and got thought it.

I have been lucky or my hard work is paying off. I got my SP, for 6 month on Steem, to a good point I think. My blog posts are getting noticed, I am getting some great up votes from some Whales so it is time to get back to staking CTP token.

I want to at least double my stake in the coming month. That is my goal. And hopefully I will continue to increase my SP so I can give more members better value in my upvotes on Steem. Increasing my stake on CTP Token will do that for all CTP Talk members that I upvote.

There, I have typed out my plan. I feel better, the fog has lifted and it is (pardon the pun) full steem ahead.

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Have a great day all.


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You are getting better and better in blog post writing, Bradley! I had to pick this one as Awesome one!

Made in Canva

@thisisawesome Moderator

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Thanks :)

I like this post a lot as it not only states a common problem but gives a solution then a plan to keep going. I'm on a similar part, and let's just keep forging ahead. I also like your TL2IVM Banner! Hope it hasn't been too much of a fog creator. :)

Not at all. When I get where I want to be on Steem and CTPTALK I will get my upgrade. Have not forgot about you 😁


Yeah sometimes we try to do too much at once Bradley, I know exactly what you mean by that, but great that you have got a hold of yourself and made a plan where you can acheive your goals without burnung out, stay awesome.