The Meek shall inherit the earth

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Dr's appointment today. Picked up and dusted off a book I had not read in awhile. Don't Think Like a Human! (Kryon Book 2). The following passage just rang true so here it is:

'The ancients told you that "the meek will inherit the planet." Unfortunately your word "meek" was a poor choice for translation. Indeed the meek will inherit the planet, but you should be aware of what meek really means. The meek human is submissive to the power of love. That is, a meek person chooses to stand back in wisdom when others charge in with anger. A meek person will choose to evaluate another in the criterion of love rather than of wealth, position or situation. A meek person is truly without ego, and is slow to defend himself, even when verbally attacked. This is because a meek person has the wisdom to understand that a verbal attack harms nothing, and is the result of imbalance in the attacker. A meek person will send love to those who attack, and regularly feature balance toward the Earth, with tolerance even toward the intolerable.

Who is this meek person? This meek person is among the most powerful on the planet. This meek person is the one who has recognized love as the power source, and creates with it. She or he changes negative to positive and evil to kindness. This person has the power to heal individuals, and groups of these people can change the planet itself. All warriors will pale in comparison to this meek person, for the power of one of these balanced ones will be equal to legions of those without love.'

These words resonated with me all day and kept me in focus. Very few reach this level but it is attainable and therefore gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


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