1957 Chevy Bel Air from the MotorCityOnline racing game

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Who doesn't like a 1957 Chevy Bel Air? I had a bunch of them in the game. Above is the Hard Top Spray Paint Special

Hard Top Black (above)
Hard Top Blue (below)

Chop Top Flame (above)
and a view from the back/side (below)

Next is the "Meat Wagon" paint job, note the color differences from the one they called Flame above

Hard Top Meatwagon at 767 horse power (above)
and another at 1324 horse power (below)

I also had a Chop Top Meatwagon (above)
and a Convertible Meatwagon (below)

Then the Chop Top Rustbucket (below)

Last but not least is the regular Hard Top Lady Liberty paint job (below)

At the drag race track, it always put a number on the side of the car, this one happened to cover up the Lady Liberty face (2 pictures of it at the drag race track (below)

another view with other racers at Roxie's Diner (below) - this was also called The Hub, where team mates could sit & chat

I launched this one into the air at the trioval track, I think it was because I hit the wall at the right angle (below)

Last picture is the black one wrecked after a race (below)

I've checked my crypto and tokens again as usual.

My CTP BusyLion badge

Thanks for reading and have a great day or night or what ever it is where ever you are :-)

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