'32 Ford Coupe from the MotorCityOnline racing game

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The '32 Ford Coupe was probably one that had the most types and paint jobs to buy. Above is the Bumberless & Fenderless Flying Skull with different horse power on each, and the Convertible with bumpers & fenders.
Below is the Chop Top White

Next is the Chop Top Yellow

And the Bumberless & Fenderless Classic Scallop

And the Bumberless & Fenderless Deuces Wild

And the Regular Hard Top Flame

And the Bumberless & Fenderless Flame

And the Bumberless & Fenderless Jokers Wild

And the Bumberless & Fenderless Rust Bucket

Then the Convertible Rust Bucket

Last but not least is the Bumberless & Fenderless Skyline Blue

These are just the ones I collected in the game. I know there were others that I did not get to buy and have in my collection.

I've checked my crypto and tokens again as usual.

My CTP BusyLion badge

Thanks for reading and have a great day or night or what ever it is where ever you are :-)


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