Christmas at the hospital

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Community Regional Medical Center

Sorry about the fuzzy picture that I got with my cell phone but I was at the hospital because my mom fell at home in the kitchen and I had to call 911 to get an ambulance to take her and have x-rays and stuff.
They released her the next morning about 5:30 am but I was there off and on for over 5 hours and not much info at all while I was sitting around wasting time.

I post this because I haven't made a real post in 3 days and I feel like I've fallen behind on everything but I am still working on stuff. Yesterday things didn't want to load right and on the 26th I couldn't get to load at all. I'm not sure what happened as others seemed to be able to post from what I've seen in the "trending" and "new" lists of posts.

All the problems I've seen online the last 3 days reminded me to get the https:// thing going on my sites. Which I did today (Dec. 28th) and I hope they will be working right for anyone that happens to find any of the sites I've done.
I won't do the blatant advertising of my urls here right now because I don't want to.

I'd like to get some of my investments changed back into STEEMP and concentrate on the main things I really wanted which is CTP, LEO and UFM so I'm going to go check on that stuff now. Thanks to all who read, upvote, reply, etc.


I hope that your mom is OK...

And the problems were because Blain was transferring CTP and CTPTalk to the new server, but I think that it is solved now...
I had today problems with some image loading on CTPTalk, but it's OK now..

Yes she is home with just more back pain, she already had back pain but I guess it's a bit more now. And, thanks for letting me know it wasn't just me on the loading problems.

I hope your mom will get better soon Mark, and you could use another interface to post, just make sure to include the #ctp tag on first spot, and great to hear you have done the https, stay awesome.

She is getting better because of resting, thanks. And I did think about posting from steemleo but I didn't do it :-(

I am glad to hear that she gets better, and as to posting you have many more alternatives, just to name 2, and, stay awesome.

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Hope your mom will heal quickly. Yes, I had problems with CTP and CTPTalk, but everything seems to be ok now. I lot of my info was missing.

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