Decline of Traffic Exchanges?

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There seems to be a decline in the amount of members surfing in some Traffic Exchanges and I'm not sure if it's just a few that are not keeping members interested or all of them. Or, is it because of the holiday season. People are busier with other things like shopping and family stuff. Events like Christmas parties and other seasonal events like maybe, going to look at Christmas lights an area like I did a few nights ago. I live in a city that has what they call Christmas Tree Lane which is about 2 miles in a really nice neighborhood that does the decorating and opens around Dec. 1st. The first night is usually a walking night and then after that it is driving except for one more walking night which is announced on the news (TV & Radio) so people should know when the walking nights are and not try to drive it on those nights.
But I digress, I was going to mention a decline in the activity on a certain traffic exchange which I happen to like surfing on called TrafficSwirl

I like it because of the people and chat. I have always liked the site since the first day I guess and I met some really great people there in the chat. The games while playing were fun and I won some stuff which made it seem worthwhile. I still win stuff including money once in awhile but even I don't surf as much there now, to many other things to do. So I do understand why people are surfing less and less but I just wonder if it's every TE or is it just the ones that they don't want to surf on any more.


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I will be writing something shortly about the mistakes that TE owners make that cost them their business. It is a business, and you have to run it like a business. Many owners do not have real business experience and fly by the seat of their pants instead of having a definite plan. So new owners think they have business experience because they worked in corporate America (or any where else for that matter). But that is not the same kind of business experience you need to be successful in this business. You need to know how to do it all or find the people who can do what you need done.

Owners refusal to adapt to the changes in the industry. Not embracing new payment methods like crypto. The general lack of focus on list building and social media.....

No one to blame but themselves. T.E.'s a great business model, but it has to adapt to survive.

Thanks for bringing this up @busylion, in my opinion it's a bit of both, TE's like TS that have a mostly absent owner tends to go down after a while, but I also think there is a generational shift, the younger generations wants to make it on Youtube and don't have the time or energy to go the old fashioned way, so the TE's that will make it are the ones that can adapt, just look at all the activity in the TE's surrounding CTP for example, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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I am a TE owner, I own Tornado Traffic, and I think you are right. I run cross promos every day with other TE's and most days no one claims the reward. I do everything I can to get more surfers and new members to my site but is is very frustrating. But I am determined to succeed so I push on!

TE industry changed a lot i guess.Mostly people look for earn i guess.But that is my opinion.

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I think another problem is there are so many traffic exchanges out there were do people spread out in all those te's

spread out :-)