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I had to go to the dentist recently, to get a new set of dentures. They said my old ones were to old and they don't do relining. Anyway, last week on Dec. 30 there was a problem that the molds were not sent back with something on them so they had to reschedule me for yesterday, which was Jan. 6th, 2020. It took over 2 hours to have the 2nd mold sitting and it was after 5 pm when I got out of there so I didn't even get my next appointment, I have to call today after they open to make sure they set that appointment. So, that's more time I have to spend trying to get teeth that fit right.
After that appointment I was so tired that I ate some left-over pizza and laid down. I didn't wake up until about 4 am so I was laying down for 8 hours anyway. Not really sleeping all of it but I got some rest.

I was working on a list of my DVDs the other day and posted it on one of my new sites at My DVD List
Just remember this is a list of my own DVDs, not a complete list and not in the order some other sites or people might do it. I do not need help with it, I'm just posting this here because I want to show that I really am working on things. I have plans to do movie reviews of the movies I have but that will take some time to get set up.

I noticed the new things on ClickTrackProfit like the top members page and have checked that. I'm not showing on it but I think I might be there soon for most ctp tokens. It looked to me like I only need about 4800 so maybe another month or so when I buy more btc & trade for steemp and then ctp tokens.

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If you are into movies, check this website https://www.triplea.reviews/home

It's on STEEM blockchain (like CTPTalk) and they have also the material in English.. (I know that doesn't look like that on the first sight :) )
So, maybe you can publish your reviews there.. ;)

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