How to Create Digital Products

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In this day and age, people are fans of all things digital. The question then is how to create digital content.

There are so many websites for publishing digital products and getting feedback on them. One site might act as a platform for your work to be read and critiqued by other writers.
It could be a great way to practice for your first e-Book. There are also websites where you can write fiction about your favorite characters from pre-existing worlds and stories.

From there, you may want to try to write your first e-Book. The first step to writing an e-Book is to choose a topic. Choose something you can write a lot about. Nothing is more of a rip-off than a shallow, short book about a topic. You want your book to have details, so start researching the topic and collecting sources. The topic does not have to be complex. It does not have to be something out of this world. But, it does have to be something you are interested in, because you will be writing and rewriting about it. A lot. Numerous times, for revisions, you will have to revisit the topic.

The Website Teacher’s author writes, "If you are dedicated enough and work at it you can create an EBook pretty quickly, everyone knows something that someone else doesn't and people are willing to spend money to learn what they don't know. For instance say you're good at Soccer and know that you could explain to someone how to improve their game."

So, after you choose a topic, you must sift through the research and see how you are going to incorporate it into your book. Once you finish writing the book, you may need a proof-reader. At some point, you are going to get so sick and tired of the book that you will need someone else to read it for you and see if it makes sense (it is funny how sentences make sense in our heads but sound like complete gibberish to others). A fresh pair of eyes will help you with that.

And then, finally, you must create a cover for your e-Book, even if it's only going to be sold or given away online. “You might have noticed that most EBooks for sale online have an image used to represent the EBook that looks like an actual hard cover book. This is used to give the potential buyer the idea that it's an actual book, which technically it is. It has been proven that using images to represent your EBook can really increases sales.” I don't know where that quote of info came from.

You can create your own cover or you can have a cover designer do it for you.

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Thanks for reminding us how digital products are useful...

Great post!

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Ebooks are great Mark, and I have more coming, just need to make time for writing them lol, stay awesome.

I enjoyed reading this post thank you for sharing