I think my Midi-chlorian count is low

in #ctp9 months ago

The force is not with me :-(

I have tried to get things done and just seem to get more and more tired and fall behind and not able to catch up.

I will keep trying but lately it's a struggle to do what I used to do everyday. Is everyday one word or two?

Anyway, I have a bunch of movies I'm trying to transfer from one external hard drive to a bigger one and it seems to be taking forever plus I can't do other things like copy other files at the same time as the movies are transfering.

Maybe if I set up a second laptop online I could have done more but I'm also very tired lately and have other things to do around the house for the holidays.

Now tomorrow my mom wants to deliver Christmas cards to friends houses because she couldn't give them all out at her church and some she doesn't have addresses for or not a complete address ...

I've tried to do something on clicktrackprofit every day but I think I've missed doing some things there also.

I've tried checking my "investments" and missed the drop in BTC when it went down around 6600 again.

I've tried to check on my steem-engine wallet every day but might have missed doing that once or twice.

I need more energy, more time, more money, more Christmas cheer and of course more Midi-chlorians.

May the force be with you!


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