Is This An Accurate Explanation of Curated Content?

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Curated content is a general term for a collection of links or direct content that all shares a common theme or topic. Such collections are put together by content curators, who seek to provide their readers with the most up-to-date and relevant information on a given subject. A content curator will also seek to provide a point-of-view or context with which to understand the presented material.

The role of a content curator was inspired by a similar role that some play in putting together art collections in museums. Like museum curators, content curators will pick a theme, and then gather information that fits that theme in order to present an interesting and thought provoking collection. A content curator will first have to pick a narrowly defined subject, and then find the most relevant information available and gather it into one place.

There are a number of different ways to curate content. Twitter has capitalized on the ability to share breaking news, but a properly curated collection can do more and ensure that breaking news on a given subject is collected and explained in the context of its topic. Curators can also act as experts in a field and give their opinion on a collection of articles on their chosen topic. Curators could help facilitate an open discussion by collecting everything that is being said on a particular subject and presenting it all in one place, or content curators could create collections of daily features, best of and top 10 lists.

The role of the content curator will be vital as the internet expands. Soon the internet will double in size every three days. There will be a deluge of information and while this generation is getting more and more adept at wading through it to find valuable content, it will soon outpace the casual internet user. Content curators that can reliably find the most relevant information being published on the internet will play an important and trusted role to the average internet user.

Content curators can settle for being the middleman and will still be providing a very necessary and valued service. But they can also take the next step and become experts on their subject. The content curator will help provide context and focus for the information they are presenting. Users will begin to seek out content curators for their judgement, and will develop loyalty for those they like the best.

Content curators will not only make information much more accessible, they will also help guide efforts at self education. Curated content will be presented in a way that makes it easier for readers to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. Curated content will be a living text on a specific issue, like a textbook that is constantly updated with the latest information in a field of study. This will make the internet more useful to all, and will help spread, not just information, but knowledge.


I don't want to be limited to one topic or one subject either but I will write and post about anything I think is important or things I like or know about. I'm not an expert by any means on any subject. I do know a fair amount of math and did good in that in school but not much past Trigonometry. It would be hard to expound on a subject that is cut and dry and basically set in stone. How would anyone explain that 2 + 2 = 4 in any other way. But there are so many subjects and topics that I think I will have plenty of other things to read about and write about.\

I've checked my crypto and tokens again as usual.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day or night or what ever it is where ever you are :-)


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Thanks for a great post, Mark... Excellent explanation of the curation... The term is used a lot here on STEEM, but for every "upvoting"

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thanks for the reply & info, it was just another of my plr articles I came across and thought it would be relevant. I hope I'm not confusing anyone with it.

Hi @busylion. How have you been? I read your post on curated content. How does explaining the meaning of curating affect you? Do you anticipate becoming a curator on the Steemit platform?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a good day.

Yes I think I am a creator and curator but I'm not 100% sure about either :-)

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