Racing Trucks from the MotorCityOnline racing game

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The trucks in the racing game did ok but at 3478 lbs. they were not as heavy as the '47 Cad Series 62.
The '53 Chevy Model 3100 above with Flame paint job was one of the good ones even if it wasn't a Chop Top

The '53 Chevy Model 3100 Blue (above) had not been finished with engine when screenshot was taken. If it says This Vehicle Is Broken at the bottom that means something was missing.

The '55 Chevy Cameo Carrier Chop Top Blue (above) was more expensive than a regular Hard Top and a little heavier than the '53 Chevy Model 3100
I also had a regular Hard Top Black, not finished (below)

And the last truck was the '56 Ford F100 - (below) the Chop Top Let It Snow and the regular Hard Top White

Below is the Ford F100 Chop Top Let It Snow rolled during a race

And the back of that same truck showing the license plate which the players screen name showed on. In case you can't read it, it says HYPER

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