Some more screenshots from the ActiveWorlds browser that I took

in ctp •  last month 

These screenshots will probably be scaled down to fit the width of the chat posting area here. I am saving the pictures of my builds on the main world of Alpha because I have a ton of pics from things I've built on the main world. Alpha is the biggest in area and has the most builds on it.

First one here is my build from the world called ABC a.k.a. Simple Geometry, This is quite possibly the hardest world to build on because of the limited objects available. Also, I have been working on all my builds so some of these do not look like the build looks now.

Next is the world of Atlantis

Next is the world of COFMeta a.k.a. Metatropolis

Next is the world of Colony or ColonyAlpha

Next is the world of Mars (one of my favorites, I have a lot more screenshots from my build on Mars that I might post tomorrow)

Next is the world of Pollen

Next is the world of There (Yes the name of the world is There)

Next is the world of WildAW

Next is the world of Winter or WinterWonderland

Next is the world of Yellow or Yellowstone

I'll do more posts as I can but since I'm not getting any replies I am assuming nobody really likes this stuff.

I've checked my crypto and tokens again as usual.

My CTP BusyLion badge

Thanks for reading and have a great day or night or what ever it is where ever you are :-)

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