The Busy Lion is still around

in ctp •  3 months ago 

busy is as busy does. I've been working on many things as usual including trying to get more traffic to my sites, but most of it was not on the "blog" things. I do feel like I've got some things done and then again, a lot I did not do.
I need to find information about the ctp token and how I get to trade or use them. I just haven't been looking for the info yet. I also have a new phone I have to figure out how to use and NO I don't want anyone to call me to help with that ROFL
CTPTalk says I haven't posted yet, not sure what that's about but maybe it erases older stuff automatic. I will find out of this post goes to the ctptalk blog page when I'm done typing here.
I checked my crypto & other token type things as usual and I'm not posting any images in this post tonight because I just wanted to do a quick post to see where it goes.
Have a good one (or two) and be safe.

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