Under the weather and other funny expressions

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I've been a little bit "under the weather" lately and I don't like it. I also have some odd thoughts and dreams when I'm sick or not well. I bet others have those also but I've heard that most people can't remember their dreams after waking up. I remember bits and pieces of some but they are very hard to describe most of the time. Anyway, back to that "under the weather" expression. One brief definition on a google search says: slightly unwell or in low spirits. What if I'm more than slightly unwell? What would people call that?

And really isn't everyone and every thing "under" the weather? I suppose that only us mortals are but that would mean everyone and everything on earth is slightly unwell or in low spirits,

Other Funny Expressions:

The pillow is the best advisor = Sleep on a problem and see how you feel in the morning. [But what if sleeping, or not sleeping is the problem?]

Hunger is the best sauce = Everything tastes better when you're hungry. [I can think of a few things that still wouldn't taste good even when I'm hungry.]

This one I really don't like - When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. = With teamwork, the small can defeat the mighty. [that's great but why'd they have to pick on lions? I mean really, I don't like spiders in the first place and I don't like their webs either so just stay the hell away from me spiders!]

boredpanda.com has a list of 83 Odd Sayings From Around The World

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Thanks for reading and please, get the spiders away from me!

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yes I have had very strange dreams when im feeling under the weather and they are the most vivid dreams too it is interesting that happens.

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