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I noticed a bunch of new things on ClickTrackProfit lately and I've been trying to do what I can. Saving Unicorns, signing up for email lists, reading emails, collecting badges, tried to fill in my info for the new things in the "Mastery" section but they didn't unlock the 2nd thing to do.
Anyway, I just got the Badge Certification done tonight. 1000 badges! wheeee!

I have 4 other certifications already but I know other people have done more. I just do what I can. I know I will be collecting more badges, I love doing that.
I don't have any of the Mastery things done yet, mostly because I can't unlock all of that stuff as a free member of CTP
No, I am not planning on upgrading. I just have other things I need to do with my money. So, I'm not adding myself to the Save the Unicorn thing, I'm not going to do any more badges either.
oh btw, for any CTP member that didn't look at my profile and never saw my update when badges came back, try this for my BusyLion badge


It's great that you have been doing so much in CTP Mark, and I hope you are busy building your list, enjoy the new year and stay awesome.

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It may be possible to upgrade sooner than you think now that you will be able to upgrade with ctp tokens you earn with your blogs :)

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