How To Get People To Buy Your Products Without Spamming?


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So you want more people to buy your products?

If you’re in the internet marketing or network marketing arena, then you’ve no doubt seen it happen.

Probably day after day.

People bragging on about how great their products or services are. About how great their compensation plan is. How not getting in now is like not getting in Google Adwords in the beginning.

How do you feel when you see this? Are you compelled to contact this person and ask how you can purchase their product, or join their opportunity?

Or are you turned off and do you roll your eyes at this person?

So the REAL question is…

How do you get people interested in your products or services without spamming like the people I was speaking about?

There is a way…

You can switch gears and promote your business in a way that you never even have to talk about your product, or service.

Even better, you can promote in a way that gets people asking about your products and services!

People hate spam. When you talk about how great your products and services are on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube then you look like a spammer.

And you’re certainly not giving people what they want and need.

What they want and need is information on how to fix whatever problem they’re having.

So what’s the solution?

You must attract people who have a specific problem that YOUR products or services can solve for them!

You must become attractive to the people who are already looking for you. The person who can help them.

And you must create a situation where it’s easy for them to find you, and eventually ask about your products and services.

See how much easier that sounds for your business?

Here’s How to Get People To Buy Your Products Without Ever Talking About Them…

Step #1: Figure Out What Problem Your Product Solves!

What is your product? What problem does it solve? Weight loss? Wedding? Helps people build credit?

Figure out the benefits of your product, and pinpoint exactly who would need it.

Somebody who needs a weight loss product is obviously overweight.

But who REALLY needs it right now?

Someone who’s overweight who has a health problem that losing weight can solve that problem? Someone who’s got a wedding coming up and they want to look good on their big day?

How about a credit product? Who might need that right now? A young couple looking to buy their first home with less than desirable credit.

Someone trying to recover from bankruptcy?

How about your opportunity?

Someone who’s looking for a side income? Someone who wants to quit their job and be their own boss?

The point… you need to drill down so you know exactly who you’re talking to, and what their specific problems and pain points are.

Step #2: Create Content that Attracts The Right People to You!

So your target market has a problem. You have a solution.

But for them to believe that you have a solution, you need to prove it. They need to see that YOU know what you’re talking about, so they can begin to trust you enough to purchase your solution.

What’s the quickest way to build trust with someone?

How about help them solve their problem? Ever have a neighbor help you when your car wouldn’t start, or you had a problem with the house? Did you hold them in a little higher regard than you did the other neighbors on the block once they helped?

Now you don’t have to give away everything. Just give away some tips to help these people with their problem… so they get one step closer to their goal.

You can do this in the form of blog posts, videos, social media posts, email or even Facebook groups. The possibilities are endless.

As you keep providing value, and they see that you are an authority on the exact problem that they need a solution for, that trust builds with your audience.

Step #3: Engage and Sell to Your Audience!

When you give a ton of value, and people start looking at you as an authority… then they’re going to start engaging.

They’ll comment on your posts. They’ll send you private messages on social media asking you questions.

This is when it’s okay to tell them to buy your products, or services. They’re reaching out to you. Heck, in a lot of instances they’ll be CHASING YOU! That’s the perfect scenario and how you’ll begin to become like the leaders you see online today!


So there you go, you now know how to get people to buy your products without spamming. Go out there and make it easy for people to find you…

You rock,


Carl Davies

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Nice tips, Carl... Thanks for sharing...
Yes, sometimes it looks that we are "spamming" with our aff. links and offers, but in a jungle of other ads, there is no other way....

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