Teaching Affiliate Marketers About Steem Is A Long Term Plan

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One of the most exciting parts of this journey has been for me to introduce two communities to each other...

The moment I discovered Steem and SMT's, my mind started racing about how affiliate marketers could benefit from this amazing blockchain. And I think we see from a recent post by @achim03 that savvy marketers who embrace blockchains like STEEM, will have a huge leg up on the competition in the future...

So we dove in...

We added new training modules within ClickTrackProfit that showcased our tribe on Steem...


Simple lessons that helped them get more familiar with the basics...And also encouraging them to learn more about Steem by doing the step by step training within CTP...


We even included Steem into our 'Mastery Training' which is meant to be completed over time. Now a few of us have already gotten our mastery because....Well...We've been at it for over a year at least. But the mission is simple...

We are teaching affiliate marketers to show up, every day and add value to the blockchain!


So far....

So good :)

We've been bringing dozens of new affiliates over to Steem and will continue to help onboard them using services like @Steem.Ninja within our training.

But now we're taking it to another level....Especially when it comes to our tribe on Steem - CTPtalk.com

In our latest update, we created a detailed tutorial and introduction to the Steem-Engine ecosystem. From buying and selling the CTP Token, so our brand new lesson about the CTP Miner...


Something I don't think entire the Steem community realizes is how new this stuff is for regular everyday people. Affiliate marketers do tend to embrace new technology and I know my community at CTP are willing to learn...

However, it's still going to take time....


Most people aren't even up to date with the need for decentralization, not to mention telling them to get account keys and master passwords....It's a lot to take it at once.

So the ClickTrackProfit community is coming on board...Slowly :)

And to be honest, this I think is the right way to do it.... Slow and steady wins the race!

Right now, CTP members are thrilled with the ability to blog and create content everyday...And they are being helped along the way with the amazing people from the @SteemSavvy community as well.

Remember - Part of our training at CTP talks about the importance of content creation as a long term thing. So when people in CTP start unlocking the lessons, they will dive right in...However there is that learning curve we all need to acknowledge...And we want to help these new Steemians every step of the way!

We're up for the challenge!

Because at the end of the day....

Steem is the blockchain we believe in. And we're so grateful and honored to be here.

Each day forward is another chance to learn something new...And that's a huge part of the affiliate marketing journey....

Learning and growing...Every single day!

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The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser - https://www.CTPtalk.com

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTP

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTPM

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awesome! where can I learn more about your token?

also, what I really dislike about this service is that they only payout to uphold. this is so 2016.

I want to get paid in stablecoins such as DAI/EOSDT...

For tax purposes and keeping everything on the straight and narrow we needed one place to handle all the commissions. We also had CoinPayments as an option but found 100% of affiliates wanted commissions via BTC, so we can do that at Uphold....And 2016 would have been PayPal lol And that didn't end well for affiliate marketers. ;)

Uphold is not a big difference to PayPal. Fully centralized, kyc, 3rd party.

This is great Jon, well done.

Some quick questions, how well do steemit blog posts show up in Google rankings compared to more traditional hosted sites? Are there examples of steem blog posts ranking at number one on Google for certain keywords? Also, what's the link juice like from steemit blogs?

Maybe I just need to join your course 🤔

LOL Oh by all means, come on over...We won't bite :)

Steemit has some fantastic SEO. It's a very well visited site so plenty of opportunity to rank for different niches. Obviously, crypto is high ;)

For us though, we want to start building the traffic to CTPtalk.com for our condenser to get some SEO for our members and content creators...Obviously, this is aa much longer term vision for the front end compared to piggy backing off Steemit for most creators.

There are many examples of page one rankings but the best metrics will come once we can track the condenser traffic with Google Analytics.

The Steemit hits count has been removed for some time now (not that it was accurate).

Google PR is not really a good way to gauge ‘link-juice’ anymore but the Alexa rank is a healthy 5,602:

https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/steemit.com / https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/steemit.com

I’d try running it in your fav page checker tho 👍🏽

Cheers !BEER


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I love to learn new things every day, in fact my day feels somewhat lacking if I haven't learnt something that day
To get involved with this stuff is epic, CTPers need to get involved in Steem and Steemonians need to get involved in Click Track Profi.
This is a duality that exists alongside themselves and intertwine like a String Theory on Steroids lol
Thanks for all the great content Jon

Appreciate the comments man and the support. It's a long term thing for me. I don't expect both communities to fall in love with each other at first sight .....But slow and steadily, they will help each other out :)

You are doing a really great job, and I like that you don't try to rush it and take it slow instead, I think that will really help retain the value of the token, and also help newcomers get fired up about the earnings that they get, stay awesome.

This is great information. I am glad that I am part of this ..


Thanks man , appreciate that!


I am grateful for this new addition to the new ctp Thank you for bringing us into this new journey

Thanks for taking action man. Appreciate all your support and embracing of Steem!

The first thing that I have done after returning from my vacation was to REGISTER at clicktrackprofit.com !

Niiiiice! Let us know if you have any questions at all!

Great post, glad to see CTP tribe taking a long-term approach to on-boarding and assisting affiliate marketers.


Cheers bro !BEER

Thanks man! Yeah it's gotta be long term for this stuff...Biggest problem online marketing ever faced was people jumping in trying to get rich overnight....Never worked out lol So we have to train our members to think long term

This is part of what I envisioned when I joined the blockchain almost two years ago now. It has the potential to make anything ever done on the Internet even better and more value accretive to its creators as well as rewarding users for their attention.

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So true man. The potential and possibilities are only just now starting to get realized.

Nice in depth looking forward on CTP.

Thanks man! Appreciate that!

Super thanks for your helpful updates! It is a lot to take in for me at this point, but I'm coping. There's much to learn. I take things a day at a time. ^_^

You are doing awesome. One step at a time...But you are creating everyday and that's HUGE :)

@clicktrackprofit, New people will find heavy at first as we found it heavy when we entered into this world. And for sure it's great aspect that CTP Community is gradually adopting Steem Blockchain and that's the way means, Slow and Steady pace.

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Absolutely. It's working too...More questions are being asked everyday in our Telegram about it :)

More questions means more curiosity and excitement. Keep up the efforts. 👍👍

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Slow and steady indeed - there is a lot to learn, but once you start to understand it, the lightbulbs in your head start going off and you realize the potential. I manage to connect my external blog to Steem yesterday. I also made my first posting on the block. It felt good to be doing something positive for myself but also for the community here.

Agreed....That's how I was the first month I was on Steem...I was a sponge soaking it all up. Made me even more addicted LOL

I feel like I am running in circles, the more I read the more my brain scrambles, so now all I have is a intelligence.pngmushy mess that makes no sense....lol Trying to make a purchase and I end up on a crypto gift card site, more scramble. Feeling like an egg cloud now!

Excellent post, gotta learn this, step by step no doubt. And thats what we all should do. Its a very interesting future we are "surfing" into here no doubt... and I love it. No doubt this post, and how you at CTP work on getting this going add value to the programs and us...well I know atleast for me it really does add great value! So keep on moving, steady and in a nice speed! Thx again!

Thanks Sig and thanks for the support and desire to learn this stuff!

I love what you guys are doing. With the new ctp and tokens, I have actually earned money in affiliate marketing. I am 100% on board and spreading the word everywhere
Have a cold one on me

Appreciate that man! And thank you for all the support and leadership you are showing CTP!

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the apps listed above are very helpful. and whatever the hell splinterland is....I am going to learn how to play