The CTP Update - Dolphin Dreamin'

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A huge mission for ClickTrackProfit has been to introduce people to the blockchain...

In the year since we've been relaunched, we've seen amazing people get involved here and start their content creation journey.

They started as complete blank slates to grow into very powerful community leaders.

There are so many benefits to building here and growing each and every day from...Showing up! Taking action! And supporting each other.

A few weeks ago we had a vision...

We wanted to empower the CTP community grow not only on but also on the HIVE blockchain.

Look, we can't wait for the white knight to show up, give us massive upvotes each and reach our goals...We have to build it ourselves.

That's where 'Dolphin Dreamin' comes in :)

Our focus will remain two fold....

Continue to educate and onboard users to HIVE. We've got dozens of educational videos that help with that. We want to work with you, every day...To learn all about the blockchain and it's potential.

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And more than ever...We want to see you hit 'Dolphin' status here on HIVE!

What exactly does that mean?

Using #MyHIVEgoals as a template and the 5-500-5000 formula that focuses on daily engagement with others, we want to help you hit at LEAST 5000 Hive Power by the end of the year.

Yes, it starts with YOU and your dedication to showing up, creating, curating, invest and engagement daily...But as a community, I think we can do so much more!

  • We pledge to you, to upvote all your content on - Right now we're doing about 20% upvotes and we will continue to power up the main CTP account. But no matter what, we will upvote you and your efforts!
  • We continue to support @thisisawesome - A project spearheaded by @flaxz which has done so much! He has supported CTP since day one, and we continue to delegate to his project and will increase our support as well going forward.

  • Be there for you, every step of the way. From the CTP Swarm to our weekly webinars, we want you to know, you are not alone on this journey. We're here to help you reach your goals.

  • Some 'secret stuff' we're working on too, that will help your account grow on both CTP and HIVE!

As a community, together we can grow!

The 'Dolphin Dreamin'' initiative doesn't have an end goal but we do want to see as many CTP members as possible, reach Dolphin status by the end of the year.

A powered up community is what HIVE needs. People supporting each other, growing together and adopting this amazing blockchain.

Are you ready to claim your Dolphin status?

Let's get there together!

Task: Write down your Hive Power and were you are...Today! And let's see how we can each get to 5000 Hive Power by the end of the year....

Comment below and let's work together and come up with some strategies to grow your account!

Want to learn how to build your online business using the blockchain?

=> Join the CTP Community today!



Great to see your dedication, and thanks a lot for your continued support for @thisisawesome, it means a lot, keep up your awesome work.

You are a legend man. Thank you for all you do. You are empowering so many people with the challenges!

Can't wait to see at least 10 our CTP members with Dolphin rank! I'm waiting for you guys and girls... Hurry up as I don't plan to stay here for a long time... :) Orca rank is waiting for me... :)

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@thisisawesome Moderator

This is Awesome Content, and it will be manually curated with an upvote of 65% from @thisisawesome (will be done today), and it will also be included in our Awesome Daily Curation report in category Awesome CTP Curation for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


I'm trying @ph1102. Now, don't go around bragging that you won't wait on us small fish in the ocean to see our way clear. We're trying to come up for air, but the way is cloudy with lots of hurdles. But I still persevere.

Hope you make Orca soon. Good luck with your endeavors.

hehehe... It was just my tryout to motivate others... no hard feelings...
You are doing great and don't need an extra push, so no worries... ;)
You will get there soon...

None here. just kidding. You are such a hard workers that you definitely deserve all good things coming your way. I know I appreciate all your support. My progress has been good. I'm grateful for all the individuals who helped me along the way.

Have a great rest of your week.

Oh man, I hate saying this...But if I can do it, anyone can. I lost my job, my home and so much more since I first joined the blockchain...But I kept showing up. Doing what I could. Building everyday...And I somehow made it to 50k (well not this account but my personal one lol)

Anyone can thrive here on HIVE!

Hope I'll be a dolphin before you become an orca. I'll get there quickly though ;-)

Are you sure? :P
hahaha... just joking... Don't forget to create the post when you get it! And prepare some cookies and wine :)

My Hive Power as of today 6/8/2020: 216.831 HP. Obviously quite a way to go.

Keep going @lisamgentile1961. I remember when I had that much HP. It was daunting to think I'd ever get to even 1K. But I did. Now I'm looking at 5K. I've set my goal for year end. Good luck to you on your journey here on Hive. And nice to meet you.

Thank you for the support! Since I have been around here I have had the best results I've ever had online.

So what I would do....Break it into chunks....Find a target date, and then divide how many days are left before you reach that date from the remaining HIVE needed to hit Dolphin...

And then work to get that HIVE increasing every day :) Day by day...Small chunks at a time!

That makes sense! Thanks! Just curious, I have 99 followers here on PeakD and 83 followers on CTP talk. Which ones count toward the Hive goals?

Go off PeakD for the HIVE stuff...This condenser still pulls info from the old chain I think

Okay! I thought that might be the case.

Hey fellow Hivers!

I have 50.50 HP right now, so 100 HP is my next goal! lol

Although I know the further we get on this journey, the easier it gets and I'm here for the longrun.

Let's do this!

Time to dream with Dolphins! ;)

P.S. I have over 4,000 CTP tokens so I'm closer to 5,000 there! LOL

Absolutely. I dont wanna sound too 'self help-ish' but you really need to envision it. Write it down in your journal on where you wanna get to, and it'll happen!

That's cool, Jon. lol

I will do that, seeing is believing! ;)

BTW I'm showing as 'Guest' in the CTP community, as indeed in all others. Is there something I need to do to change to 'Member'? @jongolson

I'll have a look, not 100% sure on how the community settings work

Ah OK thanks, no hurry! If we all show as guests then no worries! ;)

hi Jon, i started on ctptalk/hive in April 2020. I have just got my feet wet.
I am curating and posting.
My current hive power is 15.308 [15 HP delegated by you]
It's a long road ahead.

That's ok man, you are doing great...Keep showing up, creating and curating. Once you hit 500, it really starts to snow ball :) Small goals. bit by bit.

well my hive power as of now is 1,713.281 with no delegation I had some but it vanished, so I have a long ways to go

3300 left...That's VERY doable. Chunk by chunk...And don't be afraid to post more ;)

Imaging the worth this community would have as a whole if we all became at the very least a dolphin.
even a dozen dolphins supporting newcomers would give them incentive to continue

I look forward to when I reach Dolphin status and can share the love

Dozens of helpful members, welcoming people with support, upvotes etc....It's VERY powerful indeed!

I am with you man. This is fracking awesome sauce 👍. I can see it happening for me and I hope many others. Let us show the Hive community the power of Clicktrackprofit. I am pumped and excited.


Absolutely. Everyone says they have the best community, but yeah I'm pretty biased to CTP lol

I am not sure about the 5,000 Hive by the end of the year but I realise I might have to change a few strategies to get more Hive as I may have been plodding along earning it without giving it as much thought as I should have.
I know I own more than 5,000 Hive in value in token holdings way past that amount.
My mind boggles actually what I might have in that sense but that was the path I went down and it has been rewarding.
Better go back to my fence and contemplate what my next caper will be to reach the target set by you Jon.


I have no doubt in my mind, 'Dolphin-hood' is in your future very soon!

Fantastic awesome sauce 👍 I can smell dolphins. Hopefully this badge and the curationtrail will help.


Smells almost like tuna right? LOL

Ok 5000 hive power is my BHAG for this account from now on. No idea how I’m going to do it, but I’ll go for it! #dolphindreamin

Shoot for a goal. And then break it down into bite sized chunks...If you need to get 3000 Hive Power for example, divide that by how many days are left in the year....That'll give you a target to hit each day :)

This is an amazing project and really powerful. Let's be the first dolphin community here!

As of today I have 3'255 HP on my main account. I'll get to 5'000 asap ;-)

That's the goal for sure :)

Oh man, that's so close...You'll get there very quick!

tagging @ph1102 (because I read below that he not coming back to read this.)

My Hive power is June 9 is 703.316 HP

I will self quote my answer that I have commented at @achim03 's post

each community should set some community account and each member should delegate fix % like 5% to that account. This account can grow at power at once and keep voting the content depending upon the quality.

It will bring more exposure to content creator and good content creator can give tips to other to improve their posting.

Recently, "India United" community wake up and I make pledge to myself that I will keep my 15% HP delegated to them, and after adding each 100HP, I will increase the delegation by 15. In long term it will become big delegation. (My thinking is that if I reach 5000HP and decide to delegate 750 HP to them, it will suddenly start looking like dent to my HP, but if I go by step of 100 earned ,15 delegated then it always look like increasing HP, because that 15 HP I will easily replenish in few days but replenishing 750 will become like big task for me.)

For me Becoming a Dolphin in organic way is more important then becoming Dolphin fast.
I will try my way of "organically fast" by bringing my splinterland game income in hive, that I have not done for atleast last 4-5 months.

Dear @r1s2g3

I've noticed one of your comments related to recent post by Mr jaguar.force and I decided to write my own few words to you. Mostly, because it does remind me of a man hunt.

I'm afraid that those who support Jaguar are very wrong and they have made strong judgements based on one simple accusations by author of this post. Reality is that jaguar has been lately targetting number of Venezuelans lately and juanmolina is his latest victim.

I know Juan and he is very well respected person within our PH community (check out our website: He has been very helpful and supportive towards many users here. And I got to know him and his wonderful family.

Juan is a man, who lost several kg of his bodymass during crisis in Venezuela. And yet he does his best to support family, often ensuring that his wife and daughter have something to eat. That is this person reality.

I got to know him as a very kind and supportive person. And I strongly believe, that trying to publically shame and blame him by jaguar should not be acceptable.

Wouldn't you agree, that profiting (rewards) from this post is even worse? Mr Jaguar not only is attacking another vulnerable person, have been threatening our community on discord and now he is profiting by humiliating someone who he targetted.

It's sad to see so many awful comments, which are clearly based on cruel goal of discrediting someone who simply ended up on Mr Jaguar "radar". This is not the way to treat people.

Yours, Piotr

hehehe... I'm back! And I completely agree with your and @achim03 idea... There is no better thing than reaching Dolphin rank with your engagement, content creation, and contribution to the chain...
And Splinterlands is one of my sources of Hive... (when you don't smash me in the battle... in that case, I'm giving you DEC :P)

That's a great way to look at it...I'm a fan of slow and steady for sure...Dollar cost averaging has been my go to strategy since I got here :)

In order to start myself towards Dolphin Status I have started the "I Am Engaged" challenge. I have included this post in today's challenge

Awesome man! Follow it up, and engage with all the awesome members of CTP :)

This is so awesome! I love it! Engage, curate and create!

I accept the goal of 5000 HP but first I am going for 500 HP by 9/1/20. Right now I have 168. I have started #expandingmyscope with @freewriting as my first new community. My growth in CTP tokens is phenomenal. When the Hive started I had very few and now I am almost to 19,000 ctp tokens. I am all in for #myHIVEgoals. (When did HIVE get capitalized in the tag?)

ha ha ha I think either or works lol

But yeah that's true growth for sure...Spreading out and seeing the potential in other tribes and communities. Plugging in and adding value to each!

I have a long way to go but I will be putting in a lot of effort in getting to Dolphin status by the end of the year. I hope to see many others achieve this goal also so we can build an active powerful community.


Helping each other and we'll do it!

Ok, time for me to stop ghost riding :) I'm not going to check what my Hive Power is. It's probably got too many zeros before and after the coma :)

Ha ha ha ha no worries :)

We all started at 0....I think I started in the negative LOL

Slow and steady. Earn more through creation, a few more through curation...And when you see a dip, snatch a few up off the markets :)

I understand the slow and steady (and know I'm slow but not steady enough)...
Creation, ok...just don't always know what to talk about that would be of interest :)...
Curation... mmmh
And the last part of your comment just made me dive into the great mystery part of it all ! Back to my CTP Hive lessons :)

I love the community spirit in the CTP tribe! 😊😊 let's do our part in helping as many CTP members to achieve dolphin status!!! 👍👍

One grows, we all grow!

That's the spirit of this community and I just love the thought of all of us growing to the highest we can here. What a powerful place this will be!

I couldn't agree more! :)

My Hive Power is at 5.537 and it seems like it has taking forever to get there. But I'm still dreaming and working at it.

And 5.537 more than you had when you first started.

Well, you doubled it by commenting on the post! Taking action is rewarded here....Sent ya 5 Hive, stake it and now you will have over 10 ;)

Thanks a mil. Will do.

This account also has very little hive power, but I’m trying to show that you can grow easily without money. Do check this post about the esteem app: Today, I want to take some time to talk about the app’s of Esteem and how usi... I already boosted two of my posts through using esteem and will get 2 hive for that in rewards most likely.


We try lol :)

Good to see you Sig!