The CTP Update - Don't Be Like Jon!

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We've got some news to go over in this update but first....

Story time!

As you may or may not know, how ClickTrackProfit came to Steem was because @JonGOlson screwed up with his business....

He put all his eggs in one basket and that basket was...PayPal.

You see, Jon got started in online business in the late 90's and early 2000's. Back then, PayPal was new and was THE way to accept payments online. Sure there were others, but PayPal ended up being king.

So for 17 years, Jon relied 100% on PayPal. He paid his mortgage and all his bills with the profits he made from his online business, being directly deposited into his bank account thanks to...PayPal.

Then about 3 years ago, PayPal told Jon he was no longer able to use their services and poof...His business crashed and burned.

Jon made a critical mistake and that was putting all his eggs in ONE BASKET when it comes to accepting payments online.

Jon sees the same mistake being made by many others in the affiliate marketing world, but now they are relying on credit cards as their only form of receiving payments. This troubles Jon!

So Jon partnered up with this slick coding type guy named @BlainJones and created a 'go between' that allows affiliate marketers to accept MULTIPLE forms of online payments...And they do NOT have to put all their eggs in one basket!

It's Fire-Pay!

And it allows everyday online business owners to accept...

  • Credit Cards
  • CoinPayments (dozens of crypto options)
  • CTP Token
  • Steem-Engine tokens


So don't be like Jon! Don't suck at business as much as he did in the past and rely on one form of payment...Diversify and decentralize :)

A Side Note About Fire Pay!

Why did we build on Steem? Why did we bring and continue to bring our members to this blockchain?

Simple...It's community! You can essentially 'plug into' a community of blockchain enthusiasts with ease and build networks that can grow for a lifetime. And now that CTP members are becoming more comfortable with the blockchain, they are starting to realize the power of this...


You get to plug into a supportive community of like minded entrepreneurs, you are rewarded for your efforts and then you get to spend what you earn here on amazing products and services offered by Fire-Pay merchants.

To us...It just doesn't get any better!

And we believe this is the future of online business....Without any of the shackles and abuse that comes with centralized payment processors!

Vote For Your Favorites!

What's old...Is new again!

We re-introduced our Top Sites feature inside of CTP this week!

And allowed program owners to now stick a voting badge in their websites to get their members to vote for their favorites...

List Nerds - We got nerdy and simplified list builders  (1).png

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Every Sunday, our Top Lists are rearranged according to rank, and the Top 25 are featured within the ClickTrackProfit members area...

We take into account many factors in our rankings, from new users joining, Alexa ranks but most importantly...Member votes!

This is your chance to tell the owners in CTP what you think about their programs and support those that are delivering big value to their members!

Who will be Number 1 this upcoming week?

Vote now and determine the Top Sites!

Webinar Tonight!

You hate to see it....

But we're about to throw up a link to our Facebook group! And even worse....Ask for you to 'Like' it...!

That way you can be notified when we go live tonight at 8pm eastern for our 'Thursday Night Live' webinar!

We'd love to have you come by and learn about everything that's taking place with CTP, the token, Fire-Pay and ListNerds....

We know....It's Facebook and it kills unicorns :(


Learn more about the CTP, CTP Token and the Fire-Pay IPI:

Join our Telegram Group -

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

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TY Kindly guys.....Appreciate the support.

Great 3rd person writing. You are not the only one who did that mess and fell in the trap. But look at us all now. Head Jon's warning site owners. You need to be able to learn from other peoples mistakes not only your own.

Loved this post and the advice.


Thanks man, yeah I tried to be a little creative with the story LOL


I think that you should write a "Thank you letter" to Paypal for blocking your account as you wouldn't find such a great blockchain, crypto, and this awesome community as you have now!

At the time, I was beyond angry and hurt....Now I'm grateful that they did what they did LOL

Yes online businesses need to pay heed your warning!! They to can become a victim of Pay Pal and there dictator ship, no warning or reason given. Fire Pay is a great program that can help any online business protect there source of income. Sadly some will not heed the warning with dire results in the long run. Those who heed the warning will have a bright future in the long run.

I like to think of this, as a brand new opportunity for entrepreneurs to dive into....

It's got the same feeling I had back in 2000 when I was just getting started....Difference is...No one can shut down crypto :)

Aloha Jon.

Thank you for the post about not putting your eggs in one basket. I have been learning about this because things could happen like you gave the example of paypal killing your business.

Thank you also for what is new at CTP

Yeah it's a tough lesson but one I'm glad I could share and hopefully save people the pain and heart ache of it all.

This has been an exciting start to the new decade. Actually, I can't remember when I was THIS excited about Internet marketing before!

I knew CTP had been badly hit by Paypal but I had no idea how badly you were affected. It's great to see you come storming back, Jon; you're an inspiration.

Feels like 2002 for a lot of us all over again :)

Appreciate the kind words....What doesn't kill ya, makes you stronger :)

Whats fees like for credit card with fire-pay? Been looking for something to use to accept online payment. I was looking at Stripe for now, but if fire-pay can beat the fees, gotta use that.

Fire-Pay is just a script that makes accepting Stripe easier. So the fees would be what Stripe charges.

It's a go between, not a payment processor as we hold no money at all. Just a script that makes integrating Stripe, Coinpayments and CTP Token extremely easy for site owners.

Oh, I thought it was a full on payment processor. Still worthwhile to check it out if I can take crypto payments.

Hi @jongolson great post, I just did a bit of a bag of the shall remain nameless, unless the name is PayPal lol, then jumped in to read this post
I find it amazing the level of synchronicity that happens in a community such as his

Jon's an ok guy....Sometimes he gets too passionate for his own good lol

Great Content, Great News,
Up-voted & Re-Steemed to our growing online readership.

Thank ya!

Been watching all this unfold.

oh dar...n, so it was you sitting on my fence this morning....

I like it, I love it, I can't live without it. Waiting for my tshirt and coffee mug, but I digress. My basket is diversified, but unless darth vader hits me with a stone cold stunner it will be a while before I am totally free of pp. Oh, and I bet you, say, a coffee mug that tl2ivm will be in the Top 25 at CTP. If need be I'll go beg on the street to make it happen. Peace/Out

Great post, interesting post!! Well I think many of us out there got a few punches below the belt indeed...!!
But now the Fire is alive...!!! And allso love the Vote stuff!
Keep on going folks, I am hangin' in here with you folks..!!!

Being blocked by Paypal seems to have gone full circle now and become a blessing in disguese, they forced the creation of a payment system where the website owner has complete control and they have none, keep up your awesome work.

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Yeah smart business is to have multiple options...I think we hit it all in Fire Pay :)