The CTP Update - Hive Hustlers Airdrop Is Coming!

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The best part of being on HIVE is the people you meet...

As entrepreneurs, the CTP Tribe has always been about networking, growth and building powerful relationships with everyone we could on HIVE.

And today is no different....


In roughly 24 hours from the time of this post, a brand new token and community will be getting it's start in the amazing eco-system that is Hive-Engine!

Hive Hustlers is a project by @nulledgh0st that will focus on everything that CTP holds near and dear to it's heart...


And when we got to talking with @nulledgh0st it was evident from day one, CTP would be the perfect partner to help launch this new token and community.

At noon Pacific time on June the 12th, there will be a snap shot taken for holders of both CTP Token and the LEO Token as well.

Note: If you hold and stake CTP and /or LEO Tokens you will be getting an air drop via @HiveHustlers at a 10:1 ratio!

=> The official announcement from Hive Hustlers is here!

What does this mean for you, the CTP Token holder...

Free crypto!

And the chance to be a part of the newest community on Hive...Once that aligns perfectly with not only the mission of the CTP Swarm, but also the king of the Hive-Engine tribes - LEO!

What an opportunity!!

You can get up to the maximum of 37,500 'Hustler' tokens depending on how much CTP and LEO you have staked.

So don't wait until the air drop has passed...

Buy CTP Token Here!

Buy Leo Token Here!

Remember, you must STAKE CTP and / or LEO to take part in this airdrop!

This should prove to be a very exciting weekend :)

And we wanna discuss it tonight!

At Thursday Night Live!

Be sure to check in at 8pm eastern, right here on CTPtalk / Vimm for our live stream!

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Thanks @nulledgh0st , @khaleelkazi ,and @jongolson and all Devs working on this for an exciting opportunity

I like how people will need to stake both HUSTLER and HUSTLERM tokens mentioned by nulledgh0st in the official announcement "In order to mine $HUSTLER, you'll need to stake some $HUSTLER, and then also stake some $HUSTLERM. Staking both tokens unlocks all possible benefits - you're eligible for product/shipping discounts on various eCommerce stores, reduced marketplace transaction fees, and also able to earn daily mining rewards paid in $HUSTLER tokens."

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Thanks for the kind words.

Yeah these guys are awesome. Huge assets to the blockchain and their communities. A big win I think for everyone involved :)

This sounds very interesting and I will be keen to see what extra value this new community brings to the Block

Being a new account I have no where near enough to benefit from this drop , but am looking forwards to growing :)


You will be good...I made an error and thought it was minimum 3000 CTP or LEO....It's actually whatever you have staked, the drop will take place. Just the important thing is to stake it, not liquid CTP.

lol, I will get there and have extreme patience for this stuff.
Currently still 3 days until my first payout to be able to stake anything, but slowly slowly this way comes

I have 18,500 CTP tokens staked. I think that means I am ok. I am looking forward to learning more tonight.


Yessir, enjoy the air drop :)

Looking forward to tonights webinar to find out more about this now token and community. I have way more then enough to get the max airdrop so I am pumped to get free crypto lol

Yessir....Very cool to be a part of this!

We're beyond fired up for it!

Fantastic fantastic fantastic 👏🎉🎂

Agreed, agreed agreed :)

well with over 30,000 ctp staked I am okay there but I only have 500 somet
hing of Leo staked so I will get some at least

Yessir. You'd almost max out with the CTP ;)

Thank you

Great news and it's great to see the CTP tokens shoulder to shoulder with LEO...

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No brainer for us. These guys are the cream of the crop!

is the 3000 token minimum confirmed?

as it was not mentioned in the 1st announcement.
In fact, one example is under
--quote--This means that if you have 1000 $LEO staked, and 500 $CTP staked, you'd receive 15000 $HUSTLER. --unquote--

It does specify only the token that are staked will be air dropped

Nah that's my's regardless of amount staked 10:1

I'm loving it! Never a dull moment! ;)

Thanks in advance for the Hustler tokens! @nulledgh0st @HiveHustlers @jongolson @blainjones :)

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