The CTP Update - HiveOnboard Added To StartEarning.Today & CTP!

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Some big announcements today and it's got to do with your accounts at both StartEarning.Today as well as in

First up....CTP!

We've added @HiveOnboard to all the lessons that introduced you to HIVE in the training!





As you can see, you can now add your HIVE username into the space provided in each lesson...Which allows you to take part in the amazing new referral program from @hiveonboard

This new initiative helps onboard new members to HIVE for free, plus gets you added as their beneficiary where you receive 3% of all rewards from their posts.

Pretty cool huh?

As For StartEarning.Today...

We did the same thing!

Your referrals can now get signed up using @hiveonboard with ease, and when you stick your username in the space provided (within the CTP Funnels)....You get credited with bringing new members into HIVE!


This is such a huge moment for both our programs as HIVE is a vital part of our mission and training.

Using HiveOnboard will smooth the process for our new members but also reward you for recommending Start Earning Today and CTP to your networks...

So much excitement right now on HIVE and CTPtalk!

Get active now and let us reward you for engaging with the CTP community!

Wanna learn how to bring the blockchain to your affiliate marketing business?

=> We've got the solution!


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Yee Haw! More value. Thanks, guys.

Lots of fun for sure...We'll start really telling CTP this week :)

This is fantastic Jon, and a massive boost to get people onto Hive and CTPtalk, Hiveonboard will also be included in my update for the I Am Alive ebook, stay awesome.

That's awesome to hear man...Great stuff from your initiative!


This is amazing.

Thanks man, working hard to spread the word!

Awesome news! Nice to see more things integrated in the CTP and SET!

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This post is AWESOME!

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


Yessir, we should be REALLY REALLY 100% on HIVE now lol

The innovations just do not stop, I love the energy and inspiration, congrats :)

It's amazing. Dude you are crushing it, nothing fires us up more than seeing those posts come out every day!

More exciting news from CTP and more ways to connect ones' CTP account with ones' CTPTalk and Hive accounts; awesome! :)

It keeps on coming...So many cool things happening here :)

Just joined, here to say HI (like it said to do in Step #3)

Awesome :) Welcome to the fun!!!

Fantastic! Great update with a big benefit 3%. May not sound like much but every little bit help and it doesn't take that many 3% to equal 100%.

Did you mean to point to the intro? My Hive ID doesn't show up there.

Yup, it should be there and the two other places. Within CTP itself and then the 4th would be in the funnel training for SET

Huge huge news!
Simple is the new black!
And 3% is better than 0!
Fine by me ahaha
Lets gooooo

Bam!!!! Fire ballin'!!!!!

Great news! Things just keep getting better

Thanks man, yup no slowing down...Just gotta keep pushing :)

Wow. That's a 'very big deal' 3% doesn't sound like much, but what if you onboard a dolphin or a whale? or lots and lots of minnows?

Dolphin,whale or minnow does not matter. Id their post earn good then 3% will be good. (It is 3% of post rewards not the 3% of Hive power)

Correct, it's the rewards from the post :)

For sure, and the fact that HiveOnboard makes it so easy to get set up...Big win!

Fantastic. All that needs to be said.

We agree :) lol

This is great news. The entire concept of the blockchain, getting paid to blog - Start Earning Today - CTP etc. I am truly enjoying the way it's all integrated and in bite sized learning chunks. 🙂

Awesome to have you onboard man. Let us know if you have any questions at all :)

Hi, this is great!!

:) Great to have you onboard. We delegated some HIVE Power to your account, you can poke around, engage and start earning crypto right away!

Great thank you, still busy learning all the tricks.

Wow a referral program to earn from Hive, this is awesome.

So many great things coming from Hive I don't even remember the name of, what was that other blockchain lol

ha ha ha ha ha You and me both man!

Awesome news - looking forward to the new cyprto training, really getting into it.

Great to hear is sir! Looking forward to helping out any way we can!

This is great! Thanks for the update! I am doing this right now! It just keeps getting better and better here!

Thanks Lisa :) Yup, we're just getting started lol I know I've been saying that for a year now...But I still feel like we've only just started to realize what we can build here!

Thanks for all you do to help us earn more through CTP.

Appreciate you man, thanks for the kind words. Glad you are enjoying the journey :)

Awesome jon need to get on this asap and most likely make another lcp for this all.....ugh the work never stop when hive and ctp are on fire

It's awesome right? I love being around this community...So many action takers :)

This is SO exciting, I already updated my ID. You guys ROCK our World!

Awesome Janet, great to hear it :)

Hi, just signed up to HiveOnBoard through the 'Start learning Today'.