The CTP Update - Our Tribe Is A Month Old!

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It's official!

The CTPtalk Tribe is a month old :)

And what fantastic timing too...Right on course with Hardfork 21!!!

Let's dive into some ClickTrackProfit news:

CTPtalk, CTP token and CTPM Are A Month Old

'Unofficially' we're older than that, but officially it was a month ago that we made it public and got things rocking on the blockchain :)

The migration of ClickTrackProfit users to the blockchain has been fantastic so far. Lots of CTP members are getting their first taste of the STEEM based ecosystem and learning all about crypto!

This was our game plan and remains that way! We think this union is perfect for future growth and we've been so excited to see both Steemians and CTP users embrace each other.

As for the tokens...

Our airdrop to @SteemLeo stakers is almost complete. We rolled the air drop out slowly over this past month and we feel like it allowed people to become 'curious' about our tribe rather than dump all the tokens at the first chance they saw potential profit.


(Via SCOT Today)

We're planning something BIG that we don't think has been done yet within any Steem Engine tribe...So stay tuned for that...

It's been an awesome experience so far, thank you to all our investors and supporters of these projects!

Tag Abuse (It's Not That Bad...!)

The problem we're having is attracting more content to our tribe. And then of course, we run into this...


I mean....We get it, it's 'free crypto' for placing tags in your posts but this is just insane...

Just a quick reminder we are looking for content is the following areas:

  • Online business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Success
  • Actifit / Health are ok as well because well...There is nothing more important than your health :)

And we're aren't being too strict but we have 4-5 curators with a boat load of CTP Power...Looking for great content to upvote!

Create on CTPtalk and let us reward you :)

ClickTrackProfit Updates

We added an entire new 'email marketing' module to ClickTrackProfit last week:


In it, we focus on creating autoresponder series that follow a certain structure to help affiliates build better relationships and get more results.

This is just the beginning of the lessons as we have quite a few more to add over the next few weeks.

As well...We've added numerous new lessons to current modules as well. Following our dedication and promise to never stop teaching what we know!

We've also added a 'top site' ranking service that will become quite the popular little tool for CTP members. This will show them where our badges are hidden around the internet and the sites that are hosting them...


Yup, our badges have quite the reputation online :)

To learn more, simply log into CTP and then click here!

The Move To TrafficWave

And finally...Our move to TrafficWave for all our email marketing needs is almost complete!

Moving over our database is a lot of work but the transition has been smooth thanks to the superior support and service from the TrafficWave team.

Shameless self promotion here (cause we're big fans!) if you are looking for the absolute BEST value in autoresponder services for your email marketing needs...Check out Traffic Wave!

Tell them CTP sent ya ;)

All in all, we couldn't be happier after the past 4-5 weeks!

The re-launch of ClickTrackProfit went fantastic!

The launch of CTPtalk and CTP / CTPM has been such an awesome experience!

And we truly feel like we're just getting started! Be sure to swing by our Discord and Telegram to learn more about what we're building here both on Steem and CTP itself.

We can't wait to welcome you to the family!


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine -

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Thanks for introducing me to the Steem blockchain. I'm enjoying it here so far! I hope to be a productive member of the CTP tribe too. ^_^

Appreciate you! Thanks for the support and great to have you here :)

Fantastic, loving the ride, keep it up Jon.

Thanks man! And thanks for coming on board :)

Yes we are looking for great content on ctp to up vote so get out there and write some great blog posts. Great post as always Jon

Thank you sir...Appreciate the support as well and the hard work you have been putting in for the curation :)

A month already? wow, hard to goes so fast. thanks for all the new content and what`s to come...very exciting times.

Just getting started over here :) Now we hope people put the training into practice!

Great and great once

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the updates

For sure man, thanks for your business and support :)

Awesome to see you embrace the @actifit tag! I will definitely incorporate it!

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For sure man. If that's not the biggest 'personal development' one can do, I don't know what it :)

This is really great job, I love all the progress, and looking forward to what is to come ahead, and very nice with this slow airdrops of the CTP token to keep it stable, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Yessir....Slow and steady! Been how I do things forever lol


I have just signed in after reading your post. Looking forward to learning more about online marketing and personal development. Thanks

Awesome to hear that..And I saw you join both the Discord and Telegram....Welcome :)

Hi @Jongolson - Really enjoy your updates and thanks for providing them, interested to see what you have in store that no other Tribe has done or seen before, Intriguing and I love intrigue.

Let's just say...It's going to add a TON of value to CTP token :)

Congratulations on 1 month and keep up the good work! The all new CTP is awesome and getting better everyday!

Appreciate the support sir! I keep trying to tell myself...This is only phase 1 lol

Thanks for updates and let's roll into the second month!

Yessir! Forward we go!

Wow. That is a milestone congratulation

Appreciated :)

Congratulation on that milestone

Congrats to reaching one month... Wish you more years ahead

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WTG CTP for reaching a month milestone and what a month it has been! I'm excited for our future again now! Thank you Jon, Blain and whoever else is behind the scenes!

A big congratulation on that milestone. More months to come

Just kidding(mostly)
I am 100% onboard with CTP and CTPTALK
Keep up the great work!

Tag farming like that is one of the really great reasons for the new downvote protocol. No better place for it!

CTP tribe is going and moving forward

Thanks for the update. I have been very impressed with the updated CTP and the brand new CTPtalk! Keep up the good work!