The CTP Update - Use Case & Marketing

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The launch of the Fire-Pay instant payment integration platform was a big success. We've seen multiple online businesses receive CTP Tokens as payments for services and it's worked without any issues.

What a time to be alive :)

After all the drama we've seen when it comes to accepting payments online for products and services, the crypto option is now becoming more and more 'normalized'.


And that's extremely important for all of us within ClickTrackProfit and around the affiliate marketing industry...

It's one thing to talk about using this stuff, but now that we have the ability to actually USE it...It's time to....Use it!

We set ClickTrackProfit up to be what we're calling the anti-excuse training platform....Here's why;

  1. You can join ClickTrackProfit for free!

  2. You can go through the lessons at your own pace and complete the training modules slowly but surely.

  3. You are then taught the '2 B's of CTP' (Brand your name through content marketing and building your mailing list)

  4. Which brings you to creating content on

  5. You can then earn REAL currency (CTP Tokens and Steem) through your content and engagement

  6. Finally, you can take those tokens you earn and spend them on marketing products and services at ClickTrackProfit and with our trusted merchants on Fire-Pay!

You'll notice....

Never once do you have to spend a dime out of pocket. Which is the number one excuse people come up with when building an online business online...

"I have no money!"

Well with CTP....You can earn while you learn and spend that on every tool you will ever need!

Actual use case!

But you have to use it!

This is the union we talked about for so many months leading up to the launch of Fire-Pay! Affiliate marketing and the blockchain are such a match made in heaven and now it's time to prove it!

We'd love your help to spread the word about the amazing things taking place here on CTPtalk and ClickTrackProfit....


We've created a ton of different promotional tools to spread the word about CTPtalk and CTP...However the biggest thing you can do, is to USE the tokens and spend them at the merchants using Fire-Pay!

The mission remains the same....

Bring people together!

Affiliate marketers....

Blockchain enthusiasts....

Work at home professionals....

Crypto fan boys and girls....

We can all benefit from this exciting new decade but it will take us rolling up our sleeves and putting in the work to make it a reality!


Learn more about the Fire-Pay IPI:

Join our Telegram Group!

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX -


The Force of the Fireball is with us so nothing can't stop us now :)

Yes! The Fireball cometh!!!!

Super Duper Fantastic. It does not get any better than this.


We tend to agree with ya ' ;)

Hopefully this post helps some get it! One can only hope.

We can hope :)

GET IT They must!!

This is written like a typical User Manual, but unfortunately, a lot of people don't read them... And they are not aware of the opportunity that they are missing!

I think that after this post, we really can't accept any excuses! It all there... The only thing that it is required is taking action...

Yeah that's what we talked about in tonight's webinar...Actually DOING things and it was inspired by your post today :)

This really is amazing, I'm so glad to see this result... It's good to see things are becoming more "normalized" or should it be "de-normalized" 😀

Slow and steady, the message is getting out there. And it's because of this tribe that the world will know about it :)

I'm looking forward to seeing Fire Pay as an option for CTP affiliates. As someone who lives in Japan, Uphold is not an ideal option for me. Exciting days ahead!

Had an idea about that tonight at the webinar. Something to think about...But curious, what's the issue with Uphold and Japan?

Any experience with Uphold @dmilliz ?

Well I downloaded it for Brave rewards specifically and interestingly yesterday I got this is an email ( as well as everyone using brave in Japan I guess)

creators registered in Japan

Thank you for participating in the Brave Rewards program.

As you may have noticed, rewards can no longer be received as BAT via Uphold or withdrawn in Japanese yen.
(Those who have completed the link with Uphold before have also lost that link.)

This is to comply with the Japanese Payment Services Act.

We are currently preparing another option following Japanese law, and we decided to be paying through PayPal for payments scheduled for February 8th.

We will send you instructions for the procedure shortly.

Thank you for your continuous support for Brave and Brave Reward programs.

Thanks man....Weird, but you can still get payments? Just not BAT?

You know I’ve never used it for anything but BAT. You can receive crypto but no cashing out to Japanese account only Eurozone or Us account. But something is up. New regulations go into effect in April. Binance will restrict all trading from Japan come April it said in a pop up when I logged in today.

Hello everyone! I just want to introduce myself, I am steem user who lives in Japan too. I am late to this CTP party but better late than never right? Haha! Glad I stumble to @jongolson feed today and saw this CTP affiliates. I'm an affiliate marketer myself and interested in what you all doing in steem platform.

Glad the Fire-Pay launch was a success @jongolson and @blainjones! We're lucky CTPers! This is just the beginning! Resteemed for us all! ;)


Yeah can't wait to see more adoption take place!

Besides ReSteeming this post I simply LUV the Duo of #CTPTalk and #Steemit as it (finally) gives me a way to have my Biz- Blog on Steemit AND (at the very same time) Cross- Post ANY Post related to #CTP (in my case mostly free eBooks) to CTPTalk with an simple HashTag @jongolson...

Remember, this has nothing to do with Steemit. Steemit is a front end application only, Steem is the blockchain :)

Yeah... I'm aware of that, BUT I BET you wont luv to see my #SFI Postings in CTPTalk... In Steemit they show up ;-)
ALL I do, I do not use the #CTP Hashtag...

I signed up earlier this month and it looks like I joined at the right time! Big things for CTP & crypto in 2020, I'm sure of it. Hopefully these real-use cases help spread awareness & adoption.

Awesome! Yeah for sure...I think once more people use it and talk about it, it will become more normal for everyday users.

As with some other things online, I'm a bit skeptical of anything that doesn't have a real information page. Especially when it comes to paying for something thru a 3rd party service online. Fire-Pay does not have enough information readily available to read on their site. I did not do the "owner signup" and I could not login with the one and only email of info I got when I did use Fire-Pay on a site to pay for an upgrade. I can't remember for sure which site it was but some bad things happened on my ATM/Credit Card right after that and I had to have the bank cancel my card and issue a new one which took at least two weeks. I had a temp card until I got the new one. Then I had to go to every site that I used the old one and put new information in when I got the new card. I can't say for sure it was because of the Fire-Pay site or the TE that I did the upgrade at or maybe there was some other thing going on in my laptop but I haven't had the problems again ... yet.
Update: Friday night 01/16/20 I got to upgrade at ClickTrackProfit through Fire-Pay with CTP Tokens and I have learned some more. Thanks Jon

Yeah this is still a public beta and we're ironing out all the details for it. Remember though, this is not a processor. We aren't getting any of your information as 1:) credit card payments go through Stripe. 2) all crypto payments either go through coin payments or the steem-engine token itself via Steem. So even though we need to work on more details, we don't 'process' or get any financial info.

I think all of this is getting exciting I am grateful to be on this new and exciting journey

Just getting started....Best time to be here :)

Great Content, Great News,
Up-voted & Re-Steemed to our growing online readership.

Thank you very much!

this is so cool. cant wait

Luar biasa tuan, ini benar-benar hebat dan menyenangkan, terimakasih semoga ctp lebih di kenal di mata dunia, salam dari negara saya aceh Indonesia...

Use case is the most important part, if you can spend the tokens without selling them then it's actual money, keep up the awesome work.

This is simply amazing! I'm nos sure whether I understood the concept of Fire Pay correctly:

Is it a payment plugin that allows you to pay with steem and ctp token?

If yes this is really great. I read somewhere that it would be possible also to accept other tokens from steem-engine. Is that correct?

What would be great if you could plan to deploy a kind of paiment button that you could include on any website. Imagine you could sell your e-books or courses for steem-engine tokens! This might not only interest affiliate marketers but maybe everybody on the steem blockchain!

Congratulation for this development, I'm happy that I have staked quite some CTP tokens ;-)

This is truly an exciting time to be alive! I thought CTP was powerful before this just takes it to an entirely different level!

I can't wait to learn more about CTPtalk! Thank you guys for this awesome new upgrade 2020 and beyond are going to be the most exciting times for those building an online business using CTP!♥️😀

I just got one word for this right now: AWESOME!

I hope CTP goes back to its full glory! :)