The CTP Update - We Relaunched 1 Year Ago Today!

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The history of ClickTrackProfit has been quite the adventure....

It's seen plenty of highs and lows. And without beating a dead horse, 3 years ago came a fork in the road...If we continued on the path it was headed, CTP would have ceased to exist.

We had to make some big decisions to make.

New partners were brought in and a new focus was put in front of the platform.

We rebuilt everything, created a new script to run the site, redesigned it, added brand new lessons and training, switched the focus of the platform and relaunched ClickTrackProfit...Exactly one year ago today!

And what a year it's been....

Here's some crazy highlights and numbers from the past 12 months...

  • 16 Modules covering everything from social media to email marketing and everything in between!

  • 129 step by step affiliate marketing lessons

  • 8 Mastery Courses

  • The creation of 'Website Walkthroughs featuring'

  • The addition of the Start Earning Today funnel

  • Huge emphasis on the blockchain focusing on HIVE

  • The creation of the CTP Token and CTPM

  • Our blogging platform and front end condenser -

  • 2 weekly webinars each and every week

  • Email marketing lessons featuring Traffic Wave

  • Big emphasis on community engagement through social media, list building, the blockchain and Telegram / Discord

  • The Top Sites voting and badges!

  • The LCP Builder, Gauntlet & Unicorn's Oasis features!

  • Adding over 5000 new members to the community!

  • The development of the Fire-Pay payment script

  • Thousands in commissions paid!

  • And so much more.....

Let's just say....It's been an awesome 365 days!

We launched a bunch of programs over the past year too...

List Nerds

Start Earning Today

Plus 1 Success

And we're just getting started :)

A special thanks to every single member who has supported this relaunch...I know there were and still is a lot of hatred towards CTP and the hurdles we climbed over cannot erase the issues that CTP had in the past. So we're so thankful for your business and trust!

It's been an amazing experience and @blainjones and I couldn't be more excited for the future of ClickTrackProfit and it's remarkable community.

You are what makes this place so special!

And combined with the exciting potential of CTP Talk / HIVE, the future is very bright!

We'll be doing a big event to help celebrate the anniversary tonight inside of our 'Crypto Mondays' webinar on @vimm and around the 'interwebs'...Be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm eastern or watch the replay when it's posted :)

We think you are really going to enjoy what we have planned....

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Awesome Community
Awesome People
Congratulations for completing one year...

Agreed! The best people on the blockchain :)

I was not very long in coming back as I am almost at my 1 year mark. Best thing ever.

Yeah man, and we're just getting started :)

Cannot wait to see the next year unfold.

It's awesome to see the community alive and well 😃
Most Tribes didn't last that well. Congratz & Happy Birthday!

Thanks very much!

Yeah we're a resilient bunch :)

Congratulations! :) I'm glad I jumped in the journey. I'm nearing my anniversary on the blockchain too.. yikee! :D more power to CTP and the community!!!

So awesome to have you on board Rose. You have been such an amazing person to watch grow here on the blockchain!

It is an amazing blockchain and a wonderful journey too 😊😊

Congratulations!!! I was so excited when I got the email that you had relaunched. I know it wasn't long before I was logged back in and restarted on my own journey.

And you've been crushing it since! Thanks for all your support Lisa, it's been awesome to watch your journey!

You're welcome and Thank You, @clicktrackprofit! I finally got my head around the fact that it is a journey and not to compare it to others' journeys. Enjoy your Monday and the week ahead! 😀

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Happy Birthday @clicktrackprofit
Congratulation for successful completing another year. Hope you will continue for long long years.
You have a nice nice idea what will be hot on hive blogging , marketing, affiliation so so and so.

Thanks so much. Yeah we're stubborn...We'll be around forever LOLOL

Happy Relaunch Anniversary, ClickTrackProfit!!!

As I can see, there is a great offer on the website... So if someone wants to use this great offer, the time is NOW!

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It's a secret lol Shhhh lol

darn... I didn't know that it's a secret! But, how did I know about it then? 🤣

Dude, you are the legend...You know all!

You guy's rock...
The CTP Tribe rock's 😀
There are so many things to be grateful for... with CTP.

I started with CTP 12 years ago and still enjoying the journey and whole experience!

WEB 3.0 is going to be Amazing!

Wishing you all the very best success moving forward.

I'll be there for the celebration party!

Happy Monday to all... 😀👍


Here's a new banner creative you can use with your CTP affiliate link, feel free to download it, use it and share it.

Awesome man, thank you so much!

Yeah it's been quite the journey with CTP....I'm very grateful that we overcame the 'hiccup' and pushed through. The new focus and community is awesome!

Oh yeah... quite the journey and it feels like to me... the last 12 years have prepared me for this most amazing pivotal shift with web 3.0 I'm so glad to be here for this.

Oh man, right place, right time for sure!

Congrats guys! I am in love with this program for so many reasons. And it's only getting better. Can't wait to see what's next

Thanks Janelle. Awesome to have you back onboard too! It's not the same without you!

Congratulations on your 1 year relaunch anniversary! I am one of those people that was very skeptical at the beginning but I am glad I got back on board. Looking forward to tonight's "Crypto Monday" webinar.


Oh rightfully so. CTP was a mess a few years ago.

But we're stubborn. lol And wouldn't stop until we rebuilt it...I'm kinda biased, I think it's built MUCH better now :)

Happy Relaunch Birthday!
Thank you so so much for keeping sending me emails to at least make me come to check out almost a year ago!
Best decision ever!
You guys rock!!
Can't wait to see what you are up to next :)

ha ha ha ha ha the never ending 'send button' is real!!!

one year ago I was very excited ro hear that CTP was going to relaunch, I have always been a fan of CTP and enjoyed the energy that it creates for community engagement.
The relaunch was epic and seeing the momentum it created and continues to drive is outstanding.

Thanks to everyone for all their efforts

Appreciated man and thank you for all your support over the years. Now I just need to figure out how to convince you to sell your hot sauce online so I can order some LOL

Round 2 has been so much better then round 1 and this year has gone by so fast.

Oh I agree....So much more fun this time around :)

Congratulations on completing the first year since the relaunch!

I did not take much notice at first, but a few months later - January 2020 - I casually opened one of your emails and that was when I realized you'd turned towards crypto... and I was IN!

That's the mission in year 2 for sure...Spreading more crypto propaganda to our lists LOL

Happy Birthday to CTP, it's been an amazing year that has gone by, keep up the good work.

Thanks man, and for everything you do. This year wouldn't have been so epic with out you!

Thanks a lot for those words, I am deeply humbled.

Congratulations on 1 year of amazing development! When I look at where the other tribes are and where ctp stands today, I believe that the journey has just started!

Good day! How can I contact you on Discord? I can't see links.