The CTP Update - Why CTP Badges Matter

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Today we're going back in time....

The year...2011.

One of the most popular apps on your phone was this fancy little location tech program called Foursquare. And if you remember it, you'll recall how addicting it was...

Part of it's allure was the fact that you got 'badges' for checking into certain places in your town / city. And the more you checked in, the more status you got....The fight for being king of the badge!

We were hooked!

And right around then, ClickTrackProfit was getting it's legs and we thought it would be a perfect fit to bring that same 'badge hunt' element to the online world.

And the CTP badges were born!

Jon Olson - ClickTrackProfit.png

Our badges allowed program and website owners to host their own 'badges' in an effort for attract their members to take specific actions every day and keep them engaged.

You could give and award badges for:

  • Logging into the site everyday
  • Subscribing to a mailing list
  • Purchasing an upgrade / product
  • Reward loyal members
  • Create badge hunts and stick badges in your website for members to find

As a marketer, the possibilities were endless. And the tradition has continued with ClickTrackProfit v2.0!

We have since introduced the hosted Badge Hunts as well as the Mastery programs, where savvy business owners can set up complete badge / reward integration within their sites.

(Check out the CTP Mastery Infographic here for more info...)

But the question has been asked....

Why do badges and digital rewards matter?

Terms like gamification are thrown around a lot and I'm sure people have their own definition to what it is....Here's why we believe gamification is important for our community.

We believe gamification is the technique of sticking a 'reward' or game on top of something that already exists. So in CTP's case, our training and education is what already exists....And we want to reward people for completing tasks and get members into the habits of logging in everyday and continuing to learn and grow.

Badges allow us to do that!

And for our badge partners the same use case exists as well...

Your product or service already 'exists', so by using and leveraging CTP Badges and Mastery, you are rewarding actions so that your members can form good habits when it comes to your business or website as well.

Digital rewards are extremely powerful because your members feel a sense of accomplishment. They are rewarded for their hard work, and these badges acknowledge that!

This is why gamification with badges and digital rewards work!

We reward an activity that members are already doing, while encouraging them to continue on their journey!


And with that being said...We would LOVE to partner with you and reward your members with unique CTP badges, custom built for your business or website!


We've rewarded millions of badges to customers just like yours over the past 8 years since we developed CTP badges....And would love to work with you to deliver millions more!

Reach out to us on Telegram and join our community, to see the power and potential of what a CTP badge can do for your business....


Shameless self promotion....

The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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Many of the Members of my sites love collecting badges. In fact, on the rare occasions when there is a problem with collecting them it is the number 1 complaint I get.

Same on my sites.... it's an awesome problem to have!!

Indeed :)

I mean, that's a great problem to have lolol Thanks for all the support man, we appreciate ya!

"Badges? We don't need no stinking Badges!" Actually I love collecting badges. It would be nice to attach some CTP tokens to collecting badges!

;) Phase 2....Coming soon....

Yes I Love CTP Badges! I don't care what they are for, I want all of them! Also, great job and good deal on getting the merchandise store open. I don't see a mouse pad yet but I'm sure there will be one soon. [edited my typo of the word deal]

Yeah don't think TeeSpring has them, but I'll double check and see what I can find :)

Jon, you know I love badges. In fact I was going to write about my badges this week. I'm still not over the fact that my badge collection didn't follow me. :(

lol re the badge collection, I certainly had some great badges of sites that no longer exist , always fun to collect

yeah, I know. it was so much fun having those "got it first" badges, lol

Yeah we tried but there was just no way for the database to move with the site. The purchased ones were easy because we had records, but as for the claimed ones, that was rough....Hope we start a new trend for people collecting brand new badges and showing them off on their profiles.

The new trend is already started. Hope I'm leading the way with my 2K badges already. And hope more sites join in. Gotta get back to my 80K+ :)

Suggestion: Increase the Badge Collection in Certification to add more milestones for members. Some like me are already past the 1K. That way, we'll have some more goals. Might not be important to some, but I think it is.

Thanks for trying though. with our old ones. will make new memories.

I have just recently discovered "badges-mania" and I do understand it... And it looks that it is a "thing" out there... People like to accomplish things and badges are ideal for providing that!

You should have saw it a few years ago....We had something very special in the business :)

Hi @jongolson - I have always loved the badges and have especially loved creating badges for my sites over the years. Many members have been able to collect them every day which is an absolute bonus, especially when you look at profiles and see the great activity that CTP members are showing with their collections

I love to see what other members have in their collection, it also shows some of those more obscure collectibles that are out there

For sure....And with the rarity options owners can stick on their badges too...It's a showing their pride in their collection...We need to bring back the fun in ownership again!

@miti curation project.png

I have always loved the badges on #CTP and think I always will. I still collect them :)


It's a great motivator, so is there any chance they will be used for battle's and trading like in Splinterlands, and be even more addicting?

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Great post, interesting reading! And indeed there can really become "Panic" if a badge doesnt work... But when all it does most of the time..Its all kinda good silence..where people are happy!
Again thx for this nice post. Respect

All I have to say is from the Beginning when I started to build my list focused around CTP Badges My List Grow and it was showing me that I was able to get referrals in more than just one program CTP Badges are Awesome.