Update - CTPM Price Increase, Inside CTP & More...

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And here we are...

It's been 2 weeks since ClickTrackProfit relaunched and a full week since CTPtalk went live :)

What an experience it's been...But we're still learning the ropes and doing our best to give you as much information as we can when it comes to this...Marriage? Or union?

We've seen plenty of Steemians make their way over to ClickTrackProfit, and dozens up dozens of CTP members come over to the blockchain...

In fact, when asked what was their favorite new feature of CTP this was a common reply:



Affiliate marketers NEED crypto!

And STEEM is the perfect introduction :)

Every few days or at least once a week, I wanted to keep everyone up to date with what's going on...

Not only in the ClickTrackProfit platform itself but also with the CTP Tribe on Steem. That way, both communities can see what is going on with each other...

Let's dive in;

New Training Lessons & Module Added

Part of the mission we have at CTP is to keep our education fresh and up to date. So every week we will be adding new training lessons to the platform.

This week we added new lessons to all account levels and also introduced CTP members to the launch of CTPtalk with a full module:


We've got a steady stream of new training lessons ready to be added over the next few weeks...So keep logging in and seeing what's new :)

CTP Token Is Growing Steadily

I've been continuing with the airdrop to @Steem.Leo stakers this past week, and will continue to issue them tokens. And because of that, the CTP Token has been growing steadily.

No huge movements via buys or sells, but then again we're still only doing like 40-50 bucks worth of volume every 24 hours. I hope to ssee that rise soon, as more people become aware of this project and get the airdrops.

I know the roller coaster is coming, but I enjoy the sideways movement :)

Still....Expect big swings at anytime!

Yes, CTPM WILL Be Increasing In Price

I got asked in Discord the other day, are you really going to raise the price or where you just saying that to be 'markety' LOL

I had to laugh....Yes that is something that affiliate marketers are famous for. Creating false senses of scarcity....

But we will be raising the prices last this weekend. I'm planning to raise the price on Sunday night. And while it won't be a huge bump, I want to increase the price steadily over the next few months...

We want to build CTPM to be a fantastic value and create demand for the miner.

So if you are interested at grabbing some CTPM for only 2 STEEM each, now's the chance :)

Curation Corner

We want to focus some of the amazing content creators on CTPtalk every week as well...So today we wanted to showcase @athomewithcraig and his fantastic example of how to get started with no money at all...In this crazy affiliate marketing game :)

=> Check out his post here

General Feedback & Webinars

So far, the union or marriage has been pretty smooth...but then again, we just walked down the aisle 2 weeks ago LOL

I expect some bumps along the road as both communities get to know each other. One thing I can guarantee though, the CTP community are eager to learn! They are ready to discover all the potential of the Steem blockchain and will be growing everyday in their journey.

And NO, the CTP tribe is not just for people interested in CTP itself...This is for all online businesses! Affiliate marketers! And personal development fans....We aren't exclusive at all :)

We have three weekly webinars that you are all invited to as well:

All webinars are at 8pm Eastern, streams are sent in our Telegram and Discord groups (links below)!

Monday - The SteemSavvy / CTP Crypto Session - An overview of CTPtalk, the tokens as well as general crypto discussion.

Wednesday- The CTP Owners Mastermind - A meeting of program owners looking to build better businesses and provide huge value to their members!

Thursday - The ClickTrackProfit Training Session - Tips, tricks and techniques about affiliate marketing and how to get the most from CTP. Plus news and tidbits from around the industry...

Thank for reading and please drop by anytime into our Telegram and or Discord groups! We're always around to help and answer any questions!


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser - https://www.CTPtalk.com

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTP

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTPM

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I have to check out the videos still! If there as good as Steem Saavy, it will be worth the time!

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Thanks man, yeah the entire DNA of @SteemSavvy is from CTP over the years :)

Great update, this tribe is progressing well and you are doing a great job by not airdropping too much all at once, I'll definitely pick up some more miners.

By the way is there a general estimate for when the autoresponder will launch, like in a few days, a few weeks or a few months, it would be good to know so I can plan correctly.

Should be a few weeks. We're literally getting this thing custom built from the ground up :)

Thanks. 👍🙏

@clicktrackprofit, Good to see that this project is not in a hurry and taking important and patient steps which is really vital. In my opinion Affiliate Marketing made many lives abundant for sure.

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It has...Been a huge blessing for my family :) But with the wins came many losses as well.

It's a journey for you.

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CTP is a much needed addition to the blockchain and seeing it on Steem is a beauty as affiliate marketers can now have their share of the decentralized economy. Weldone team!

Appreciate that :)

Yeah I think it's a natural fit for both communities.

Thanks for more headsup. And its GREAT to see your going, forward, steady and nice! This is the way, and the way is getting to become a HIGH-WAY no doubt! Man, keep up the great work, prices rising, well if they do they do... No cry, just keep making this better and better is all I need!! Success

I hope people see the long term vision we have :) Biggest problem with the affiliate marketing brand is...Get rich quick.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your support :)

My other account @xiaoq stake 4600 LEO, but I did not receive a CTP airdrop

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My account @hertz300 is also stake 1000 LEO, but the agent went out, but I did not receive the CTP airdrop

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Wow it's amazing

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks, we think so too :)

Thanks for the shout out. Very much appreciated. I'm happy if I can help a few people feel more comfortable in the crypto space.

Thanks man, it's working...The more people that actually see others use it and start using it themselves...is a win!

upvoted and resteeemd and let em say , i am becoming a workaholic, and every few days i swing back to some project like this i know i need to work harder on, and i just love what your doing here and @jongolson should just start making videos @jerrybanfield style for youtube and @dtube teaching people how to ubuy steem accounts how to get some free at https://steemspeak.com from ME ackza since i have allocated a few dozen for CTP talk members, and then in a video you just have to teach peopel how to install keychain

OR they can nwo use STEEMWALLET by @roelandp yes man its finally here a mobile wallet DAPp browser for steem so we can use steem engien and scotbot sites that require keychain on mobile no clunky steemconnect needed, so we can using messages oevr mobile and make posst on ctptalk soon hopefully we will have teh ctptalk mopbiel dapp for steem in teh steemwallet app they have list of teh available dapps, im sure he will include al teh scotbot sites

I am enjoying the ride so far :)

Awesome to hear that :) Thank you so much for the support and let us know if you need anything at all.

If anyone reads this, please do your training on CTP. The more I am doing the more I am learning, the more excited I am getting. Good on you Jon. This is fantastic so far.

I hate being 'the hype machine' but...We're just getting started :)

And I am very happy that I came back to CTP and joined Steem pretty well at the beginning of the relaunch :)

Wow what a great amount of information in this post, thanks heaps Jon. the excitement still grows.
I recieved a reasonable commissin payout this week from #clicktrackprofit. via crypto, excellent. proceeded o put it into ctpm
all round what a great project this all is, and what a great team of people to be involved wwith
:) double thumbs up

Awesome man, thanks so much for that :)

yeah I think when people start getting commission payouts regularly from CTP as well as the payouts here on CTPtalk, the confidence will grow and grow :)

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GodSpeed CTP ! 💙

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