I Farted In My Pants #iamenraged

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Did I get your attention?


G'day to those that read.
A Rob P. Cruisin Rant
My friend @russellstockley mentioned the other day about Headlines that attract attention and make him stop and read.
Like Russell I also look for headlines, topics etc that I find interesting or that attract my attention.
I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way BUT #iamoveriamposts yes the hastag I am whatever headlines followed by day 99 or week 27.
This does not attract my attention #iamalivechallenge day 53 just wonderful so in other words nothing to see here because I know your alive for 53 days have a party NOT.
Where as a simple headline as an example
Today when I picked my nose and part of my brain came out
Yes you have my attention.
Put the #iamalive #iamengaged #iamwhatever in your writings it dosn't have to be your headline do something different to attract attention.
Remember the more boring it is and looks the less upvotes and less attention you are going to attract.
Want the big votes then make it interesting be The Purple Cow, Unicorn, Wally or whatever takes your fancy.
If it bores me and others I know then the law of averages says it is also boring to most.
If it is boring #iamdisengaged
Rant Over.
Keep it Interesting People

Have A Good One
Rob P.

The CTP Crow


Your headline got my attention and I did read the entire post. This is a good lesson, especially for newbies like me. I'm trying to follow Jon's 5 points he discussed in last nights webinar.

  1. Buy Hive and Power it UP.
  2. Post 1 - 2 times a day.
  3. Curate 10 - 30 post a day.
  4. Engage with the community.
  5. Show up everyday.

Not sure if I will accomplish all of them each day, but eventually I will with creating daily habits.

Add to that specific learnings from folks you’re hanging with. Put it in your own words. Also share success, like big commissions! :)

G'day Michael if you learnt something great objective achieved.
Some good points you have outlined there to get into.
Re point 1. You don't have to buy you can earn Hive just by doing the rest of your points of course if you have some surplus Crypto or Cash floating around feel free to buy.
All I can say is give it time and have patience it will happen if you make it happen.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting you earned just for doing that not a fortune but I have to allocate wisely to maintain my Voting mana at a acceptable level.

Lmao. Great headline! It DEFINITELY got my attention hahah.

But I agree! Having a catchy headline or title really captures the potential reader's (or viewer's if it's a video) attention. The same title all the time becomes too repetitive & yawn, it will get overlooked.

I think people might not understand the power in this. You can have the most amazing content in the world but if the title isn't up to par, it will get overlooked & readers will miss out on a potentially great read

Thanks for sharing this, Rob! Glad you're off the fence! 😉🦄🔥💗

I could not agree with you more Rob headlines like day 53 do not get my attention and I just scroll on by a new angle headline will make me stop and read the post

Stirring the pot???

Yeah man, I love the challenges, think they are fantastic ways to get people into the habit of posting daily...

But they need to branch out and do more than just day #98 and so on. The challenges are a way I think to keep you posting, but for the engagement and the attracting of other readers...You need to share your story, your experience, your thoughts, opinions etc...

I find it interested that you got 36 votes but only 1 comment until me. So it's really also about #iamdisengaged. As I've said before, it's just about voting and not even really reading or absorbing the material to most. To your #massivesuccess sir!

G'day Rob
You could be right a lot of votes but as usual I scared them away.
I hope #iamdisengaged does not become a trend then it really become a case of #iamenraged
And also to your #massivesuccess Sir

Like you, i am controversial and always watching.

Ha ha ha ha , well that is a great headline and I enjoyed reading your post :)

It was the headline that got me to enter so your point is well made


G'day yes it does not take much effort to make it even partially standout which one can only hope some get the message.
Have a good one.

Loving it
Thanks Rob, the more that say this the more it might just get taken on Boatrd.
#iambored with the constant #iamthis #iamthat

I thought that there was supposed to be #noIinteams

the more we #iamenraged the more #theywilllisten :)

Sorry that you copped an excess of them from me today but I knew you would get it.
Yes stop me from been #iamdisengaged #iamenraged and yes #noIinateam

You tell it like it is. I expected to come in and read a holy terror rant about this lol

I get it though and I have changed up what I was doing. Things are way out of hand with the subject lines, when you scroll through half of the posts look the same. Makes it hard to click on any of them.

G'day Mike yer I just try and tell it as I see it.
Your doing alright, LOL holy terror rant I just tried to put it in a nutshell.

You’ve had to touch some nerves. I wonder why they don’t defend their position? Inquiring minds want to know. I love a good debate! #massivesuccess

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Thanks @hivebuzz appreciated.

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Nice to see your blog post!

You have summed it up the most of the things that I was expressed in my posts from the last 2-3 days, but in your "specific way" :)

Titles ARE important, and I have to admit that I'm doing similar "selection" as you when I'm on CTPTalk... If the title is interesting, I open the post and read it... They have to be DIFFERENT to "stand out"

PS. I am aware that my titles are maybe "too metaphoric", but I like them that way... lol...


G'day Zoltan,
You are a different cuppa to deal with I know you.
Keep doing what you do, you set a great example for others to follow bloke.

Kind words from @crusin? Darn... :)

Thanks, sir... I appreciate it... ;)