My Road To 10k CTP Tokens and Beyond

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This Post is in response to @jongolson post The Road To 10k CTP Tokens.
As some maybe aware I have been called the Mega Whale of CTP tokens see the post above.
Yes I do hold the most CTP tokens see
I also hold the most CTPM (CTP Miners) see
So I will assume that makes me the whale of that as well.
Besides all the titles which were not my aim I will give a brief outline on how and why.
To start with I was bought into all this by Jon Olson when he got started on Steem and next came the relaunch of Click Track Profit.
With the relaunch of CTP came the CTP token and CTPM and Jon gave me 1,000 CTP tokens and 10 CTPM and said go become a whale, I had no idea what he was talking about.
Anyway I took what I was given and thus my journey began thinking that Jon has faith I can do something with this but I don't write like others and I have other things going on in life I will never do anything trying to post how can I repay this favour passed onto me.
Then I learnt about curating so in other words upvoting and leaving a comment and I could earn doing that well that is easy enough to do.
So started my regular income of CTP but I realised I was getting CTP from somewhere else where? it was CTPM so I looked at them and went okay do nothing and they keep earning that is cool I think.
Well I told myself got to get more CTPM so I built them up to where at present they earn me about 100 + CTP tokens a day now add what I was earning curating my totals started to increase.
It started slowly and took 2 years to get to the top so to say, the side bonus was I was also earning Steem at the time now Hive but anyway I took that Steem and started buying CTP tokens and more CTPM.
Why do it? that was easy I have always been a fan of Clicktrackprofit and the way certain people ran it so after the relaunch it was another way to show I support what is going on and if I can contribute in anyway I will.
Best part of what I do and the way I participate is I get to hand out generous amounts of CTP tokens in a day and help others on their journey to whatever goal they set.
Don't think you can't be like me in holdings you can just give it time.

Okay that is enough from me.
Rob P.
The CTP Crow

P.S. I am also a major holder of Sports Talk Social Tokens if you are on my list there you get really nice rewards also.!


Dude, you are the man!

Thank you for sharing this story bro...Shows the world the power of sticking with something.

Appreciate you and everything you bring to the Swarm!

As I keep saying it is all your fault Jon but I am happy to be part of it all and repaying the faith put in me by you.


Being consistent really pays off. Thank you @cruisin for sharing this story.

G'day been consistent was what got me to where I am currently at that and patience.

You have gone to the top of ctp and getting there in sports as well! You just kept at and got to the top where you belong. Congrats and keep it up

Thanks Eric I know you took a slightly different path but you are another one who has been on a similar journey as me since all this started and have the results to show for it. So that makes you another great example of what time can achieve, keep on doing what your doing bloke.

Hi Rob @cruisin - Thanks for sharing this story of acumulative process. Its great to see that the ordinary Bloke can become extraordinary :)

I couldn't think of a better person to be the so called Whale, your fair , up front and honest perspective means that when you do support something its a no flies support.

Just keep on doing what you do best and you will always be the ever present crow just hovering around ready to pounce as a crow should :) with purpose and meaning.

Thanks Russell glad someone understands me and my ways.

Congrats Rob.

Did you set some monthly goal or weekly goal for buying tokens?

G'day I did set goals but I didn't put a time limit on them it was more a case of work at it and see where I got to. Now I have targets that I want to achieve so 80 more CTPM and I will be happy at 2,500 of them and then I will get back into my next Target for CTP tokens of 200,000.

I blame @jongolson directly for making you creating this post! It's 100% his fault and you are an innocent victim of his witchcraft... 🤣

Of course, just joking... I hope he will bug you even more and you will create blog posts more often...

and just to take out this from a context

Don't think you can't be like me

Nobody can be like you... 🙂 🙂 🙂

And one thing more... as this is a rare occasion to put the spotlight on you, let us pick this post for ThisIsAwesome project...

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100% correct Zoltan it is all @jongolson fault I don't think he would call it witchcraft more likely Unicorn power. Oh and yes he is always bugging me and I always return the favour.
Pick for @thisisawesome what an honour thanks bloke just turn the spotlight off will ya :)


Wow that is super cool. If you put your mind to a goal and keep at it, you will achieve it 😁
I just got 1000 ctp and 10 ctpm, but I do also have 200k sportstalk already. I’m quite proud of that last one, but you probably have more 🤣

G'day @elbrava sorry don't know your name yet.
You have a nice platform to build on just in what you have so far stick at it and watch the results.
re : Sports yes I do have a few more than you but I like my SPORTS Tokens and enjoy handing out big rewards there even at 10% I think a person does well there.
You can see my holding here
Not aiming for the top as I am very happy with where I have got so far after 2 years more than I expected.

Wow that is a lot indeed! I’m pretty pleased to be almost within the top 400. 407th place at the moment. Didn’t think that was the case 😁

Found you on there enjoy your reward it will help break the 400th barrier.
I don't usually hand out such generous rewards for actifit but for your first one enjoy bloke.

Cool, that will easily get me there 😎 I won’t expect 100% upvotes from you. I’d be more than happy with a 5% every once in a while.

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Thank you @cruisin! Great to see you making first steps! Hive on and stay safe❤️
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It's cool to read your story. BTW thanks for the upvotes ;)