No Unicorns Here or Is There?

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G'day All,
Yes Another Cruisin Post the shock of it.
Well a strange day and seeing there is a recording of it I let her that must be kept Happy, Happy.
Watch the Video

What was it all for
Go and See
Hope this stuff washes out.
Have A Good One
Rob P.
The CTP Crow


Love to see you on Cam Rob and the Pink hair is very becoming :) Glitter as well

Shame you didn't do the Beard as well

And I guess now this is a bold statement, No More sitting on the Fence :)

Tell me about the glitter. I will be cleaning it up for a week
Another unedited me worse she did it live on FB
I have gone back to my fence big time :)

Is that your natural hair color? 😀 Before getting white, it was like that, isn't it? :)

That is quite a statement going with pink hair but the glitter was the "crowning" glory. Your actions will cause a lot of people to contribute. It worked on me.


This is one of the best videos I have seen on CTPTalk, period.

God bless you, man. The glitter at the end was a nice touch.

You went from being a crow to a flamingo. Wonderful.

Glad you kept the beard pristine. :)

Anyway, this was truly a great video, and I am glad to hear the treatment is working for you.


Thanks Rob,
Not one of my best I would say it was more a case of you her saying sit and do as your told and make me happy.
Objective achieved she is happy and the beard was just sheer luck I kept thinking oh no when but she said done and I went beauty beard spared, yes and glitter that was a payback for something didn't see it coming but I will be seeing it for weeks it has gone everywhere.
No Flamingo's here or is There?

Wow that was amazing to see Rob, well done, here you go, you just got magical.

Too Funny luv the graphic thanks Erik.


Omg this is the first video I have seen today & it just made me smile like crazy. That pink hair looks pretty good on you he he. And she had REAL pixie dust! (Is that the gf you were telling me about? :) )

It was great to see your smile & see you on video. I hope you are comfortable on the fence for a bit lol. Don't worry! I send you this cute companion.



Yes Jenn she is like you of with the pixies and then some goblins, fairies, spiritual whatevers and so the list goes on.
Love The Quokka thanks.

You're welcome! 💛 And you're right - the list is never ending lol. 🙌

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