Do "Proven Buyers" Really Exist in Affiliate Marketing?

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What's good CTPtalker's and Hive users?

I have questions about the idea of "proven buyers" being a real thing and whether buying a product of service in one place translate into a better prospect for you as a marketer?

Check out my short video and please give me your thoughts on the subject. Thanks in advance.


You are right... it's more implication that it's "a proven list" because you paid for the service (or everyone has paid for it)... Which you can't say that it isn't true, but still, it's an implication... But, I have to say, that's a great idea (trick) to attract marketers... :)

I had a different problem with that website, as I really don't like this "type" of businesses where I have to dig into the rabbit hole to find how much the "product" costs... If it is a paid membership website, it would be nice to see somewhere the prices... It's like you go to the supermarket and you have to ask the seller for every single price...

Nice video and I hope that it will start some discussion about this in the comment section...


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@ph1102, thanks for feedback. Yes you bring another great point about the prices not being listed upfront. And you're right, from a marketing pitch standpoint, it appears to be a very successful tactic :)

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This is a Marketing or Sales term. It only means that the people have paid for something before and there is no guarantee that they will buy again or buy your product. You will see this term again in other places I have seen it many times doing research on solo ad providers, they claim to have a buyers list over just a list of subscribers. It can be a more productive list but as a Marketer you kind of want to take any statements you see on sites like this with a grain of salt because it is just a way to get your attention and hopefully more of a chance of you signing up and spending mone.

Yes I've seen it with solo providers too. I've also seen where they just say the list is very active and provide tangible stats.

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