Digital art on the Hive blockchain. WOW!

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As a community member for about 7 weeks now I'd like to share with you how excellent and important that you should attend the live webinars which are hosted by CTP owners @jongolson and @blainjones. The webinars are available to watch live on various social media platforms.

Yesterday was Crypto Mondays and it was another excellent show.

You can view the recording from here-

With loads of other fantastic information about what has been happening on Cryptospace, last night Jon shared with us a little information about #nftshowroom which is a digital arts site built on the #hive blockchain.

I found this extremely interesting that you can now actually purchase paintings, images, and photographs from other artists etc.. which are limited edition!🤓

After the webinar i took a look and ended up purchasing 3 paintings for around 15 Hive. One of them only had 5 in existence!

You can check the 3 I purchased from here-

This is just another awesome thing happening that Id thought I would share with you. Maybe you would like to get yourself some digital asset art.

Who know what the value of the pieces could be in the future!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Maybe you will get yourself some nice Limited Edition paintings to hold for such a tiny investment you never know where this could go!


Non-Fungible tokens will find more and more usage in the blockchain space (and not just there), and it's nice that HIVE has a solution for that too!

Thanks for sharing

Cant wait to see the more great things coming to hive, now that's exciting :)

Great review of last night's webinar, Daniel! Very exciting new developments on the Hive Blockchain.

Thanks Lisa, Its a great time to be online :)

You're welcome, Daniel! Yes, it sure is a great time to be online. 😀
Enjoy your day!

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This is a cool new feature on Hive. I didn't know about this till last night either. I will be looking more into the art work soon.

Sure is Mike, Will be great to see if you decide to own some digital art too :)