Finally we are back to normal (Almost)

in #ctp8 months ago (edited)

Well what a weekend that was, but finally things are looking on the up and back to normal. The site could not have picked a worse time to S**T itself all thanks to an unannounced server update from the now OLD webhost.


Anyways things are on the up now and its time to relax again. We have moved to a new server which means after full propagation of the domain everything WILL be back to 100%. PHEW...


Apologies to all the members that experienced problems over the weekend, especially whilst trying to complete the Halloween Surfer Rewards promo. Now that was a nightmare. lol

Everything should be good to go now any current problems will just be due to the propagation of the domain.

Please accept 50 Free CTP tokens for everyone that is a member at for the inconvenience caused.

Leave a comment and I will send that over. 🙂

We are back in biz!


Thank you so much for your hard work Daniel!
I know that feeling and it was just for a few hours..can't imagine an entire weekend ahaha
Glad that was sorted out! I shall go surf some ;)

Yea was a little stressful haha. But all good now. thanks :)

All's well that ends well! ~kschimmelwriter

Sure is. thanks :)

Good, that is figured out.
Keep up
Hard work pays!

Oohh You cant beat free beer! Thanks :)

hi Daniel, i am happy to hear that the issue is finally sorted.

clearing the cache did help me.

Today, I did lukeisalive and it was all good.

Thanks for the update.

That's great to hear, thanks @imfarhad for letting me know you managed to continue in some way.


Sure will be once propagation of the dns is completed. its not a quick process unfortunately.

I am very happy that everything is now back to normal, got to love those updates that just make things fall apart. Thanks for working so hard to put things right again.

Great to hear you managed to get back in too. thanks for understanding :)

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Thanks, @djsl82 for the CTP tokens. Sorry you had to deal with all that. There is never a good time for those things to happen but there are definitely times that make it worse.