Going away for a week..... Searching for Luke the list builder- DAY 10

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Tomorrow me and the Family will be going down to England for a week to visit relatives and also we will be making a mini holiday out of it since our main vacation this year was cancelled due to the covid. Although I will have some internet access I will be limited. So my plan is to suspend Luke the list builder for 1 week and I will commence when I am back home.

In the meantime I will do a daily video post from our break away to keep things ticking over until I get back into it.

I will be back in time for the start of our awesome surfing competition starting on 1st August and running to 31st.

More info on the competition can be found here- https://www.cryptotraffic4u.com/splashpage.php?splashid=2&rid=1

Now its Luke time, Check out my post below for today.

Its time to search for Luke the list builder in today's Click track Profits Scavenger hunt.


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First up for today on the Listopia map Luke was over at Bluebarrow, Occupied By: CruisinXchange Here I had to surf 80 pages to find him.

Next up Luke had gone to Valbeach, Occupied By: PistolPackingMama. Here I surfed 43 pages to catch up with him.

After that Luke had gone back to Bluebarrow, Occupied By: CruisinXchange. Here I surfed another 80 pages to find Luke again.

Next up Luke had gone over to Foxview, Occupied By: Trafficleads2incomeVM. Here I had to visit the login spoltight menu and read a cool blog about TL2IVM to find Luke.

And finally I headed over to Edgecastle, Occupied By: Crypto Traffic 4u. Here I had to surf a random amount of pages between 5 and 100 to find Luke. I got him after surfing jusy 47 pages today.

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@djsl82, Have a nice holidays.
Good weather in England so far. Hope it continues for the rest of the summer :-)

Thanks @imfarhad. Yes I hope the weather is good, it usually is compared to up north.

I think we will be taking a day trip to Alton Towers too, I am excited like a big kid haha.


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Have a lovely trip!


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Thanks @globetrottergcc :)

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Great job finding Luke 5 times and completing the Scavanger Hunt @djsl82, and have a really nice trip with your family, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Daniel, and good luck on your trip.

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