Little late today but not to worry here is day-8 searching for Luke!

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It's Monday a brand new week and my day number 8 searching for Luke the list builder on Click Track Profit.


#lukeisalive #scavengerhunt #lukethelistbuilder #clicktrackprofit

First up for today I logged into CTP and checked the map. Indication was that Luke was over at Bluebarrow, which was occupied by CruisinXchange. So off i went and surfed 80 pages to find Luke here.

Next Luke had gone over to Westacre, which was occupied by Cup of Traffic. Here I surfed 47 pages to catch up with Luke.

He then headed off to Edgecastle, Occupied by Crypto Traffic 4u. Here I surfed 68 pages to find him.

Luke had then jumped back over to Bluebarrow, which was still occupied by CruisinXchange. So I surfed another 80 pages to find Luke here again, but it was not for long he took off again.

Next up on the map I was informed that Luke had gone over to Luke has traveled to Valbeach, Which is occupied by PistolPackingMama. Here I had to surf 43 pages to find him.

And that was my Monday challenge completed :)

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Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Daniel, and it was a day of double Cruisin.

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