Searching for Luke the list builder.... Is he alive? Day- 1!

in ctp •  22 days ago 

So I have decided to join the fun with the CTP scavenger hunt. 🙌

Day 1- #lukeisalive

Here is my first day of finding Luke....

First up I was informed that Luke was over at Westacre which was being occupied by Cup of Traffic. After surfing 47 pages I found him, but he done a runner!

I was then informed that he had gone to Valbeach which
was being occupied by BootScootinTraffic. After surfing 43 pages Luke popped up and Just as I tried to grab him he was off again!

He had gone over to Edgecastle which was occupied by my place Crypto Traffic 4U. I had to surf 68 pages and he appeared, And ran again!

I was informed that Luke was back at Westacre which was being occupied by Cup of Traffic. So after surfing another 47 pages I thought id finally caught him, But no... not yet!

Luke had gone back to Valbeach which
was being occupied by BootScootinTraffic. After surfing another 43 pages Luke popped up and I finally caught him.


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That was fun.. Ill have to do this again tomorrow ;)

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@djsl82, welcome to #lukeIsAlive Challenge.


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Great to see you in the #LukeIsAlive contest @djsl82, and well done completing the Scavanger Hunt, it's awesome.

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Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Daniel, and very welcome to the #LukeIsAlive contest.

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#LukeIsAlive contest - win daily and weekly prizes

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