We have a winner! Congratulations! 500 CTP Sent.

in #ctp3 months ago (edited)

As the majority of our members will know we had a competition running at CryptoTraffic4u.com where members who completed the surf code for June 2020 would be entered into the draw to receive 500 CTP Tokens.

In total we had 10 members who successfully claimed the promo code for June and each member who completed the code had an entry in the drawing.

The draw has been completed and selected at random..
and the winner for this month was....

User- MatthiasBKlein 👏👏

Congratulations we have sent 500 CTP Tokens to the HIVE username on file.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next code which will be available in the next 48 hours. All claims will be entered into our end of July drawing.

Thank you to everyone for surfing and good luck in our future promotions. 🤓


Congrats to the MatthiasBKlein

Nice win Congrats MatthiasBKlein

Congratulations MatthiasBKlein! Enjoy your prize!

That's so insane I happen to never ever win anything in real life
Thank you that much folks!!

Congratulations, MatthiasBKlein! I think that he has Hive account also... He was posting on the chain, but I didn't see his posts lately...

No need to panic Phil, Daniel fixed that; thx...

Yes he had his hive account details entered in his CT4u profile already, so i was able to send the prize over this morning. :)

Congratulations to the winner.

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