We have a winner! Congratulations! 500 CTP Sent.

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Hey everyone, I'm back and now playing catch up after being called away with work for a few days which was right after returning from visiting family in England. I have fallen behind with things but now am back up and running again lol

First up was our end of month promocode drawing which we draw 1 lucky winner to receive 500 CTP at CryptoTraffic4u.com.

Our winner for this month was...

User- @pixiepost 👏👏

Congratulations we have sent 500 CTP to your account. 😀

Our next focus is now turned to the MASSIVE 10,000 CTP Token surfing competition! You can see full details here on how to participate daily and earn entries into this huge draw which will run through to the end of August!

We have teamed up with 9 other Traffic Exchanges to bring you this awesome Surfer Rewards promo which will not only gain you entries into the draw, but it will also generate tons of free traffic for you too.


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Very cool! Congrats Miss Pixie

Awesome man, let us know how we can help make that event a blast for everyone.

We'll add some rewards to it for sure as well...I'll touch base ion Telegram

Hi Jon, Wow that would be awesome! Will speak to you soon. Thank you! :)

Wow! What a nice surprise! Thanks so much! I appreciate you & good to see you back :) Lots of good stuff happening around the blockchain ;) ❤️

No problem, congrats on the win! :)

Congrats to Pixie for the win, and great to see you back Daniel, keep up the good work.

Hi @flaxz, Its great to be back too. Thank you :)


Congratulations on the win @pixiepost!

And it's always great to see great giveaways running on the chain! Thanks @djsl82!

Thank you! It was definitely a nice surprise! :) 💛

Thanks @ph1102, They are great to do! and i'm looking forward to many more in future :)

Congratulations @pixiepost if its easier I'd like to jump in :) don't have much time though, How much time on average it takes?

Thanks @globetrottergcc! It was fun to do and a total surprise to win. :) 💚