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Finally the day has come!

It's officially official!

Affiliate Marketing has its own "coin"!

The CTP Token IPN (Instant Paying Notification) has launched via!


CTP Token has now a use case in paying upgrades, products and services not only inside Click Track Profit, but outside as well!

Now it's time for the CTPeeps to keep creating, curating, engaging and stay consistent!

Now it's time for the old marketeers and owners stuck in time and stuck in the fear of change to get out from under the rock and adopt this new payment processor!

Now it's time for the SteemPeeps who want to start this fantastic Affiliate Marketing journey to join Click Track Profit and invest in the training by using the crypto already earning in the Steem World!

The Marriage between Affiliate Marketing and Blockchain has finally offspring!

The Bundle of Joy called Fire-Pay!

The Future is Now!

Don't be an Excuser!

Gamifying Affiliate MArketing 1.jpg


CTP to the MOON!
Congrats to all of us.

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Hi @elianicgomes - Nice Post and very encouraging, good to see :)

Well said Elaina, and this is a great development, and it's just the very start, wait to many more sites have adopted it and the CTP token and tribe will start growing exponentially, stay awesome.

As you said earlier... the marriage has got its first child... The Fire-Pay!


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Oh yum!! Thank you so much ❤🍀

This is indeed a really great development @elianaicgomes, being able to pay for your affiliate marketing journey with your earnings in CTPtalk opens up a lot of doors for many people, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Hi Eliana, Thanks for the informative post. I was a bit slow getting back into the new CTP, but now I'm here I'm stoked!

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