Momma of All Trades - Momma Marketeer #26

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Hello everyone!

Was wondering where I should post this report...

My loyalty is too strong to CTPTalk so until then I'll be on this side and engage any now and then on Hive!

So on to the CTP Weekly Report!

Today won't be in video form..maybe on the next report!

So here's my Ranks at the moment:

FireShot Capture 025  ClickTrackProfit

Got one level in each of the following according to last week:

  • Badge Rank
  • Gauntlet Rank
  • Unicorn Rank
  • Explorer Rank

Got 1 new Referral yay!

Been login in everyday:
FireShot Capture 026  ClickTrackProfit

Got an extra 28 Badges!

Here's my collection:

FireShot Capture 028  Eliana Gomes  ClickTrackProfit

On the Blockchain World:

  • Made about 28 posts this week - keeping my average which is good!

CTP Tokens:

  • Balance - 2817
  • Staked - 12000

And that's it for now!

Hope everyone is safe even if isolation it's hard!

We well get through this!

If you need anything I'll leave my Telegram below!

Have an awesome week!


Stick for Yourself!!


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Now it's a good moment to thrive and to make a huge progress in the CTP!

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