Spikes and rainbows make my Hive World go round!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Happy May!

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I've been buying tokens here and there to get some in!

Been posting less but commenting more! I just love the fact that I don't need to post every day per se because commenting/engaging with others is also rewarding, or even better rewarding! I was just a bit rusty lol

Goals 24/0402/05Percentage to Goal
CTP Power (150000)10500010700071,33%
HIVE Power (5000)3800388477,68%
LEO Power (2000)86088044,00%
CTPSB Tokens (1000)63564064,00%
INDEX Tokens (3000)2700271090,33%

1116 HP to be near the Dolphins!!

Cat Dolphin GIF

Slow and steady!

Since the month has ended, let's see how I was with the fancy graphics courtesy of HiveStats and ARM:

The author rewards went a bit down this month but my curation rewards went up! One day I will have it kind of balanced so it's a win-win!

See that spike on the comments? That's @leomarkettalk lol

More than 20 comments on those three days! Insane! And felt so good!

More engagement and followers, guess I'm doing the right thing!

And now that we have @ctpchat, oh boy, this month will be awesome!

Love the rainbow!

Love that this blockchain can be reached in so many ways!

Also love that everything counts and stacks! Going strong my the day!

Keep pushing, this thing works!

As for #MyCTPGoals...

Like I said last week, I've been working on some things on the background that might be revealed soon!

And CTP Blueprint anniversary is coming soon, I need to come up with something to celebrate it, so I might slack more lol

Be patient!

And that's about it for today!

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How were your goals this week?

Let's talk about it in the comments below :)

Have an awesome week!



telegram100.png noise100.png odysee100.png torum100.png


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that CTP power still blows my mind lol benefits of getting in early and taking action are always nice! Had some nice hive power ups as well! You'll be hitting those goals easy this summer.

Hehe, It still blows my mind as well!
CTP fangirl if you didn't notice LOL
I saw your post earlier but shame on me forgot to post lol
Pump it up!!


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Thank you for sharing this. Your post are always so lively, colorful and informative. You have been included in today's "I Am Engaged Challenge" Be watching for it later today @slackerman

Thank you Steven appreciate the words!
I like to have fun with this hoping for a better read lol
Thanks for the highlight!


your welcome

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I think you will be much closer to your LEO goal after those comments in @leomarkettalk payout.

Damn that is a lot of CTP you added since the last update. 2k is more than 2x what I have staked.

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I'm on that hard question between saving LEO for CUB or stake it all lolol
But I'll try to comment more there and make some kind of token earning flow


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Congratulations on the spikes, that is so awesome. Setting Goals & Crushing should be our mantra. The stats are very impressive. Keep Crushing It :-)

Thank you so much!
Slow and steady wins the race and posting this every week is a proof of that :)


The engagement tokens are always fun to earn, like being recognized for your work :-)

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I love the way your stats are clearly showing how it can be just as rewarding to curate and comment. That's good to know. When you just can't come up with quality content to add value, start curating and commenting.

Thank you for sharing this info with us, Eliana!

Hive is awesome!!
Speaking of commenting, better check and follow @ctpchat for a nice place to hang out if you aren't there already ;)
Thank you for your comment!


Hi Eliana. Had some stuff to deal with over the last couple of weeks...couldn't be online as much. So I popped as and when I could, but it seems I have missed out on quite a bit...

I will have to learn about @ctpchat! Thanks for telling me about it!

No worries! As long as you're ok!
Life happens and I'm happy that you even try your best to come on to check on hive!
CTPChat started yesterday so you're still on time to come and say hi :)

I went to the link and found the 2 posts...

Is everything happening in the comment section of these posts? Or how does it work?

Yep, it's basically chat on the comments!
You can read the posts for details but it's pretty much keep our talks on the chain :)

That's awesome! Thanks Eliana!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thanks for the tokens! I appreciate it!

Slow and steady win the race ☺️

That is so true :)
Thanks for the comment!

Heck yeah, could not agree more :-)

Great information as I was wondering where all the stats are tracked. Since I am new, being able to see my own stats will help me set short, medium and long term goals. Still learning all the lingo and process. thanks in advance for showing me the ropes. :-)

Thank you!
My first table of goals I do it manually on an excel sheet and check on Hive Engine and the token wallets each week.
I normally add the links to the tools but I forgot lol
You have HiveStats with some graphics of your Hive growth and other things: https://hivestats.io/
And there's another cool tool created by @amr008: https://hivelayers-stats.herokuapp.com/
This one has a variety of apps inside but for the number of posts and comments choose on the menu on the side the one called "Community" and then just add your username and graphics will show up

Hope this helps :)


I will check all of these out so that I can start tracking my progress and growth in this new journey. Tomorrow, I should be receiving my first CTP from my first post 7 days ago. Progress in and of itself. :-)

Great Post learning alot from everyone in this community

Thank you.
Glad you enjoyed it

Awesome your hard work is paying off!