Thank you BCH for sponsoring my HiveShopping!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Last week was awesome with my milestone of reaching 100K CTP Power, this week was awesome as well!

I didn't get a screenshot of it but you can go to and there's probably some around! Bitcoin Cash passed the $1000 mark, which means my tip money doubled! I impulsively took a bit of the profit and went HiveShopping!

Nothing massive but some to buy a few tokens :)

Buying tokens is therapeutic!

Goals 04/0418/04Percentage to Goal
CTP Power (150000)9700010300068,67%
HIVE Power (5000)3731378675,72%
LEO Power (2000)82284742,35%
CTPSB Tokens (1000)61563063,00%
INDEX Tokens (3000)2460260086,67%

1214 HP to be near the Dolphins!!

Cat Dolphin GIF

This week the #3StepsNoExcuses ended and I'm slowly back to my normal schedule, so there's less posts this week. I have some projects going on as well but I'll do my best to still be creating and engaging as much as possible.


Still on the charts ;)


By the way, my little one got his Covid test negative so he will be back to kindergarten next week and I'll be back, again, to a normal schedule, hopefully :)

As for #MyCTPGoals...

There were still a couple of days from completing the Adventure this week plus the After-Party post sharing my results from it:

You will see with the last link post that it was a blast!

So many ideas to grab from it! Please give it a try!!

I'll be back to the normal goals next week. Better get the screen shot of my TrafficWave as a reminder how many emails already have in automation:

This is the last one in automation. The number didn't change but I've been updating some emails before the Adventure. No promises for some progress due to the work I have in hands but I will try 💪

As for CTP Blueprint Members, at the moment I have 367! 133 to go to reach the goal!

I emailed 2 times this week actually, not too bad!

And that's about it for today!

Flex it Pink goals strong women fip strong girls GIF

How were your goals this week?

Let's talk about it in the comments below :)

Have an awesome week!



telegram100.png noise100.png odysee100.png torum100.png


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Boom who ever said there was no such thing as free money ;) lol BCH and noisecash seriously adds up. It reminds me of when people said your using faucets to get $0.25 a day. Hold on to it long enough and that $0.25 a day turned into at least $25 a day that was really earned. Bitcoin goes to $100,000 now $50 a day and so on. Seems totally worth it to me. Far too many people have short term earnings and investing you gotta HODL and go for the long term gains.

How are you liking the CTPSB tokens?

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The sorcery of internet moneys!!

@ctpsb is dear to me because is a community token!
Was created by a CTP Swarm member - @achim03 - and it was grown by the CTP Swarm! It was created to boost members holding it with a nice upvote not only in CTP and Hive but in some other tribe tokens you provide delegation. And with Hive delegation, you get weekly CTP dividends!

You can check here to know more

And Achim is always around to answer questions.
The maths of things is with him 🤣

I just buy a hold ;)


Awesome thank you for that. I had some CTPSP but looks like it's time to pick up even more! Can't beat a nice little extra upvote.

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Hahahaa well that Hive shopping looks like a well spent spree (read: investment) to me 😉

I never was into clothes shopping or something anyway but this shopping I like ahahah


hahaha also not big on the shopping and am for investing for the future to get a bigger return.

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It's good to have goal May you reach it soon

Thank you :) hope you reach yours as well!


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