Well I finally made it 4,000 Hive power

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Well I just made the 4,000 Hive power level and will keep going next stop 5,000 Took me long enough I hope the next 1,000 takes less time (grin).

Have to make 40,000 ctp tokens next, then some more of the hive-engine token before they get expensive.

Not a big post just a great news for me post


congrats on the achievement. Especially as Hive has already tippled in value since it bottomed a few weeks ago.

One of the great things about CTP is we can cheer each other on. One person's success lifts us all up. Nobody is succeeding at the expense of someone else, but we are all building real value together.

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4K HP is great!
way to go!

I do believe the next 1,000 will take less time.
It seems to at least for me :)

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That is great to hear thank you

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Way to go!!!

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Congrats on this awesome milestone

Cheers Mate!

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