Making a Game of Marketing Education

in ctp •  8 months ago 

ClickTrackProfit awards you with badges for completing training modules. Badges are just a visual marker to show you have done something--in this case, learned something about online affiliate marketing, blogging, mailing lists, etc.

Here is an example:
Annotation 2019-08-15 195750.png

Note the Steem symbol on the mastery badge--it means I have made over 200 posts. Not really mastery as in I know everything (I wish!) but mastery in that I have learned to make posts and make posting a habit.

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Good post i like my badges of accomplishments like you said it gives you a feeling of getting something done and learned.

The gamification of the whole process really does make it more fun @fiberfrau, and nice badges you've got, have an awesome Friday.