Miscellaneous Office/Studio Tools for 2021

in #ctp2 months ago


Just unboxed an order of assorted things I need for the upcoming months of work. They may look unrelated, but I can explain how each item fits in:

Clockwise from upper left:

  1. tea infuser (OK this is actually for my son)
  2. jeweler's loupe for reading the sizes on sewing machine needles and such
  3. pad of engineering paper for designing and calculating
  4. hardback journal to start keeping better chronicles daily
  5. dozen assorted yarn/weaving needles for fiber projects
  6. good quality pens for journal
  7. anatomy books to preview for my life science class

Now I'm ready for anything, I think.


That's quite a mixture of stuff!

Anatomy colouring books look like a fun way to review life science classes.

All the best for your projects and classes this year!

Thank you. I have a variety of projects, so my packages are often a weird mix of stuff. I'm the same way with music. My playlist goes from Southern gospel to metal to Beethoven to classic rock. And my wardrobe includes both lace and leather.

Ooh, lace and leather should be seen together! When the combo works it looks fantastic!