Paying Customers to Start the New Year!

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Writing for Hire
My writing orders always slack off in December (which is actually helpful as my etsy stuff picks up and I am grading midterm exams in December.) On New Year's Day, however, my fiverr account was slammed--in a good way!

My established customers are back to work and so am I. Everyone wants new products designed or descriptions for new items in their stores. Hooray! Small businesses are managing to survive. I even picked up some new customers.

Knitting for Hire
I am considering adding some wedding items to my etsy shop this year. I will be doing wedding things for my daughter anyway. My reasoning is that wedding business booms during the warm months and would balance the winter boom my knit scarves experience. Combine two seasonal businesses to make my shop more evergreen. I welcome your input.


I think wedding things would be a great addition to your shop.

Since I like working with lace, I think garters would be a good start. I also got a book on hatmaking to try making fascinators/headpieces. Having worked in a bridal shop, I know how expensive the ready-made things are--the markup is outrageous. So if I price them reasonably, could be a good deal.

Those are great ideas!