Paying for a Wedding!

in #ctp3 months ago

Talk about incentive to get busy building business: one of my daughters is getting married in September! $$$

Thankfully, April has always been a content, low-maintenance daughter. It took us just 90 minutes at David's Bridal for her to choose the perfect dress to order. The price was right, so I paid cash from my teaching money. Cross that off the list. I will be able to hem it and bustle it myself, using the mad skills I acquired while working alterations at that same bridal store. Money saved is better than money earned!

We already have a contract with a lovely outdoor venue with indoor room in case of rain. The venue includes catering, flowers, photography, decorations--everything but the clothes we will wear. Dr. Schimmel agreed to get the package so we don't have to think about hundreds of little things--just getting people to the ceremony and back, clothed and in their right minds.

Also done: colors picked (apple red, black, and white) and my dress fabric ordered (silver gray lace and tafetta, at a great Black Friday price.)

No Bridezilla in this family. We have got this under control. I think. This is the first daughter we are marrying off, having been through weddings for 2 of our 3 sons with good old family teamwork. Big families may look chaotic, but when it is crunch time we pull together and do amazing things.



I have three adult children, but only one of them has gotten married. That was 13 years ago, and I was in the throes of perimenopause and feeling really lousy. The whole thing is a blur in my mind. Anyway, she is still married to the same guy, so that's good. Glad the plans are progressing nicely for you!